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WHO : Zika Could So It Extends To The Entire United

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WHO :  Zika Could So It Extends To The Entire United

The mosquitoes suspected of carrying the virus spread of Zika, feared to have spread throughout the country in the United States, excluding Canada and Chile.

The statement submitted by the World Health Organization (WHO), as reported by Reuters, Monday, January 25, 2016. Zika virus thought to cause the onset of brain damage of a number of babies in Brazil.

The who recommends that every woman who plan to travel to areas where the virus is found must do health consultation prior to making a trip or when coming back from a trip.

According to WHO, this virus can be transmitted through blood circulation, and can also be isolated in sperm. But there has been no evidence that the virus can be contracted through sexual intercourse.

Health authorities also asked American citizens who are pregnant for health checked before and after the travel to the affected region.

“We urge the citizens, especially pregnant women, to health checked prior to travel and take precautions when travelling to countries affected,” said Howard Zuckerk, the health Commissioner of New York, as quoted from Channel News Asia.

This virus is rumored to come from Uganda, but has been in Brazil since may 2015. If a pregnant woman contracted the virus, the virus can cause an infected fetus and born in condition microcephaly (shrinkage of the brain) and the baby could have lifelong brain damage. (ase)

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