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What Factors Causes Premature Aging And How To Prevention

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What Factors Causes Premature Aging And How To Prevention

The skin has the function of protecting the body from a wide range of disorders and external stimuli. The function of this protection occurs through a number of biological mechanisms, such as the formation of a layer of the Horn continuously release cells and epidermis of the dead), respiration, body temperature and setting up the production of sebum or sweat and skin, as well as the formation of the pigment melanin to protect skin from the Sun’s ultra violet rays of the danger.

Sebum is the oil content moisturizes the skin and protect it against pollution. The sebum or shaped by the skin glands, palit. The gland is located at the top of palit leather hides adjacent to bladder hair consists of small bubbles which empties into the bladder hair (follicle). Hair follicles secrete fat lubricates the skin and maintain the suppleness of the hair.

Sebum serves as a defense against the enemy’s main female beauty that is premature aging. Premature aging of skin that often occur in a dry, because the levels of sebum in the skin dried out very little. Usually the condition is characterized by premature aging skin look tired, dry, scaly, rough and accompanied the appearance of wrinkles and freckles or spots.

Two Factors Cause Premature Aging

Premature aging is caused by two factors: first the internal factors, such as heredity, health and durability, as well as psychological abuse. The internal factor is a natural process that might not have been avoided every man. This can also be triggered by stress and hormonal changes, and these factors can only be mitigated its effects, by means of a proper facial care, routine and soft, reduce stress and try a relaxing life.

The second cause is the external factors which include:

1. Free Radicals

Factor causes premature aging that is malignant molecules that undermined the body’s cells including the network collagen. Some experts argue that the free radicals formed as the effects of environmental pollution, sun exposure, the use of water to mix chemicals, weather changes and other factors that interfere with the normal growth of collagen.

Prevention of free radicals can be done by setting the diet, a diet containing high protein and consume foods that contain lots of vitamins such as fruit and vegetables. With good nutrition, cell structure will improve until the process of premature aging can be slowed.

2. The Sun

To avoid the influence of sunlight, avoid when sunlight emits ultra violet rays in after the culmination point (between 10.00 – 15.00) and always wear sunscreen on your face and body part that opens to the outside of each room.

3. Air Humidity

The air humidity is high and unstable as tropical in nature, being the cause of the occurrence of premature aging, especially if the skin is not protected properly.

One way to protect the skin’s humidity is by wearing a moisturizer that can retain moisture in the skin. To protect the skin’s softness, use moisturizer on the face and body lotion to suit the type of skin on your entire body especially unprotected by clothing. A good moisturizer to moisturize dry skin and normal skin, choose a moisturizing ingredients containing humectant as binding water acid alpha-hydroxy A-HA/Alpha-Hydroxy Acid).

Sunlight can cause problems on the skin, especially on those who love sunbathing or affected by exposure to direct sunlight continuously resulting in skin wrinkles and aging arises more early. Sunlight strongly suspected as the cause of skin cancer.

When forced to perform under exposure to sunlight, use a protective cap and apply protective cream containing a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15.

Tips For Keeping Your Skin’s Health and Beauty (Premature Aging)

Here are a few tips to keep your beauty skin health:

* SOAP collagen felice prevents premature aging always use sunscreen (sun block/sun cream) as early as possible with an SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) 15 containing titanium dioxide and avobenzena to protect the skin from sunlight resulting in abnormalities of skin tone, wrinkles and sagging skin becomes. For care when bathing, use Felice Collagen Beauty Soap. If for treatment from within, can with collagen or Collagen drink Drink.

* Do treatments on a regular basis, including use of a scrub or peeling (to eliminate dead skin cells), improves the circulation of blood/lymph nodes in the skin with massage, nutrition, serums, gels or masks containing ingredients that moisturize the skin and serve as antioxidants.

* Multiply consumes fresh vegetable and fruit-colored as a source of nutrients and antioxidants to keep your beauty skin. Avoid junk food or processed products.

* Consumption of soybean (tofu, tempeh, soy bean milk), dates and drinking tea that comes from fennel seeds as a source of natural estrogen.

* Drinking plain water at least 2.5 litres per day to keep skin moist and reduce the consumption of coffee and soft drink.

* Drinking green tea at least 2 cups a day, because it contains antioxidants that more patents.

* Consuming antioxidant supplements like vitamin A (beta carotene), vitamin C, vitamin E, B-complex vitamins and some minerals such as selenium zinc.

* Do sports that can move most of the muscles of the body such as brisk walking, jogging, aerobic gymnastics, swimming at least 3 times a week. It can unleash a flow of blood/lymph nodes, so the intake of nutrients and oxygen in the cells better and speed up the formation of new skin cells.

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