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Understanding Brain Tumor, Symptoms, Causes and How To Cure Brain Tumors

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Understanding Brain Tumor, Symptoms, Causes and How To Cure Brain Tumors

Understanding Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in or around the brain are unnatural and uncontrolled, but these tumors don’t always turn into cancer or malignant.

There are various types of brain tumors that are differentiated into two groups based on its development, that benign tumors are not cancerous and malignant tumor which causes cancer. The tumor that starts from the brain known as the primary brain tumors, while the cancer that started in other parts of the body and spreads to the brain is referred to as secondary or metastatic brain tumors.

Brain Tumor

Brain tumor levels from level 1 to level 4. These groupings are based on the behavior of the tumor itself, such as the speed of growth and how its spread. Brain tumors are classified as benign and malignant potential is not in level 1 and 2. While on level 3 and 4, usually already potentially become cancerous and often referred to as malignant brain tumors or brain cancer.

The following are the different types of benign brain tumors according to the location of the brain cell growth, namely:

Glioma. Tumors that are located on a network of glia (a binding chain of nerve cells and fibers) and the spinal cord. Most brain tumors that occur are a type of glioma.

Meningiomas. This tumor occurs in the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord. Most of these tumors are not cancerous.

Hemangioma. A tumor that occurs in the blood vessels of the brain. This condition can cause partial paralysis and convulsions.

Acoustic Neuroma. Tumors that grow on the acoustic nerve that helps control balance and hearing.

Pituitary Adenoma. Tumors of the pituitary glands (small glands located on the bottom of the brain). Most of this tumor is a type of benign tumor and pituitary hormones can be affected with effect throughout the body.

Craniopharyngioma. The tumors tend to occur in children, adolescents, and youth, are near the base of the brain.

Medulloblastoma. This is a type of cancerous tumor is most common in children. The tumor started from the back of the onion from the brain and tends to spread to the spinal cord fluid. Although uncommon in adults, but this condition can appear.

PNETs (primitive neuroectodermal tumors). This type of tumor is a rare cancer and fetal cells begins in the brain. This type of tumor can appear in any part of the brain.

Germ cell tumors. Tumors of this type usually develops during childhood when testikel or ovaries begin to form. But this type of tumor can be moved to other parts of the body to the brain.
In addition to the types of tumors at the top, there is also a tumor consisting of several kinds of tumors, or tumors combined with different levels. The handling is done on the tumor malignancy, the location of the tumor is located, and also the condition of your health.

This page discusses the specific brain tumor (benign) stage 1 and 2. Please read the brain cancer to know more about the malignant brain tumor.

Symptoms Of A Brain Tumor

Brain tumor symptoms vary greatly between one another. Symptoms that appear influenced by size, speed of growth, and location of the tumor. Tumors that grow slowly may initially do not cause any symptoms. After some time, the tumor will put pressure on the brain which cause the appearance of symptoms such as seizures and headaches. A brain tumor that is at a particular location can interfere with the working system of the brain to function properly.

Causes Of Brain Tumor

Up to now the main cause of most benign brain tumors remains unknown. Certain hereditary factors and procedures radiotherapy side effects also could increase the risk of you having a brain tumor. There are several factors that can increase the risk of developing a brain tumor.

Treatment Of Brain Tumor

Diagnosis and treatment are done early on will facilitate handling on a brain tumor. If not immediately treated, this condition can become serious. Brain tumor usually does not spread and just quietly in one place only, but a brain tumor could provide pressure and damage to the surrounding area. Treatment that is done depends on the type, size, and location of the tumor.

Tumor removal surgery procedures performed on a benign brain tumor generally successfully dealt with and the tumor didn’t appear again. As a result, this condition is not causing the problem continues at a later date.

While in brain tumor glioma stadium 2, often the tumors grow back after undergoing treatment. In addition, these conditions also could potentially turn into a malignant brain tumor with deployment and faster growth.

To help the recovery process, the doctor will suggest some kind of therapy. You can talk about the emotional impact of the diagnosis and treatment of tumor by doing the counseling.

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