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Some Type of Food Causes Miscarriage in Pregnancy

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Some Type of Food Causes Miscarriage in Pregnancy


Food causes of miscarriage rightly should be avoided by pregnant women, so that the fetus inside her womb remained in good health until birth. In general, pregnant women are required a lot of time choosing the food menu that will be consumed, where the goal for nutrition for pregnant women and fetuses in the womb can be met.

There are so many kinds of good healthy food consumption for pregnant women. However, there are also some foods that could actually lead to miscarriage if the mother eats during pregnancy. Perhaps the types of foods are considered safe if consumed by people who are not pregnant, even some of them also contain many vitamins and nutrients needed by the body. Fruits were not always healthy for pregnant women. Increase consumption of palm, avocado, mangosteen or dragon fruit because the fruit is good for pregnant women. Avoid pineapple, papaya, and durian, in addition to not be consumed during pregnancy, also can trigger a miscarriage.

Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to determine the cause of miscarriage various foods that should be avoided in order to be free from such risks. And in this article, we will discuss more the eight types of food are considered dangerous, so it can cause miscarriage. What foods should not be consumed by pregnant women? Following reviews more.

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8 Type of Food to Avoid Cause Miscarriage
In general, miscarriages occur in younger gestational age or still in the early weeks of pregnancy. During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (first trimester) is the most susceptible to miscarriage in pregnant women. There are so many causes of miscarriage may occur and often experienced by pregnant women. Several factors or the cause of the miscarriage could occur from outside the body or from the body of the mother.

Survey shows that fetal miscarriage events can occur in one in five pregnancies. Even among 1 100 pairs, there could be a mother who miscarried three times in a row. Well, among the many causes of miscarriage, one of which is the food factor. And here are eight types of food cause miscarriage should be avoided by pregnant women.

1. Pineapple
Pineapple includes foods that can trigger a miscarriage. For those of you who are pregnant young, it is recommended that you do not too often or not eating too much pineapple and various types of processed products. In the pineapple contains an enzyme called protease Bromelain that when viewed chemically, the compound similar to papain contained in papaya. Therefore, it is also possible pineapple will give the same effect as papaya, which can cause miscarriage in pregnant women younger. (Read: a fruit for young pregnant women)

2. Crab
Processed crab may indeed be one type of seafood that tastes very delicious and many favored by the public. Crabs are also known to have a relatively high nutrient content and more beneficial to health. In the crab contained amount of calcium can help strengthen bones and teeth. But behind all the content and benefits of the crab, it turns out pregnant women should avoid because it turns crab could also be one of the foods cause miscarriage if taken during the first three months of gestation. The crab could result in shrinking the size of the uterus. In addition, crabs can also lead to miscarriages womb genital bleeding.

3. Pomegranate
The food is the cause of miscarriage is kind of a pomegranate. However, that does not mean you will immediately miscarriage when first drinking pomegranate juice or eating. Pomegranates can cause a miscarriage when consumed in excess. Known when a pregnant woman eating pomegranates in excessive quantities, then the mother will feel contractions in the womb and certainly has the potential to have a miscarriage. And you should know that it is actually Biju pomegranate is the most dangerous for pregnant women

4. Fish
Actually fish contains a lot of protein and vitamins are certainly needed by pregnant mothers. But while you were undergoing the first three months of pregnancy, you are advised not to consume too many kinds of canned fish. Types of canned fish known to contain a lot of preservatives and various other chemicals that can affect increase blood pressure in pregnant women. Preservatives are contained in fish cans can also lead to water retention. You also have to avoid the kind of food causes of a miscarriage of fish that live in water that has been contaminated.

5. Young Papaya
The fruit should be avoided by pregnant women to the next is kind papaya. Young papaya types are known to be harmful to the developing embryo. Compounds contained in papaya could have resulted in a strong contraction of the uterus of the mother so that quite a potential miscarriage. Even the research that has been practiced on a rate, most of the mice had a miscarriage when eating papaya. But until today still, do research whether any type of ripe papaya can be a meal causes of miscarriage or not.

6. Durian
For you fans of durian, you should avoid the consumption of this fruit during pregnancy. The content of arachidonic acid and alcohol in durian which makes this fruit is not suitable consumed by pregnant women. The arachidonic acid will trigger the formation of prostaglandins that stimulate contractions and fatal to the fetus. While alcohol causes premature births and babies born with a low body weight. Large amounts of alcohol can cause miscarriage.

7. Meat and Eggs
Actually, two of these foods is not fully banned due to being food cause miscarriage. Only just pregnant women should still be careful when eating different kinds of meat and eggs are undercooked or raw. Consumption of meat and eggs raw or half-cooked still could be a trigger miscarriage. Even in a mature state of any pregnant mothers are also advised not to consume too much meat and eggs from becoming food cause miscarriage.

8. Cheese
Turns out eating cheese should also be avoided when young pregnant women. Not because abortion is dangerous because we all know that cheese also saves a lot of benefits. During pregnancy, expectant mothers are advised not to consume soft cheeses made from unpasteurized milk first. The cheese types that are known to be one of the causes of miscarriage. Therefore, make sure that you actually choose the cheese quality and safe to health.

Myth Cause Miscarriage in Pregnancy More
In addition to the causes of miscarriage caused by food, there are also some other myths that are believed to cause miscarriage. Eg for pregnant women, dental fillings must be removed because it can cause miscarriage. Also, pregnant women are also forbidden too often processed food using microwaves and also banned too often traveling on an airplane. Well, myths and facts about the causes of miscarriage earlier you may be useful for pregnant women to be more careful about the womb or your fetus.

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