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Triathlon, Fitness Wristbands-Looking Samsung Smartwatch

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Triathlon, Fitness Wristbands-Looking Samsung Smartwatch

If fitness rings usually appear as rings in General, what the middle is done Samsung is a little different. Because South Korea, manufacturers are making these so called fitness have a bracelet look Smartwatch above board.

The proof has begun circulating in cyberspace. However due to its leakage, naturally remains to be ascertained its validity. Samsung reportedly will be named the fitness of this bracelet as a Triathlon.

Unlike other fitness, Triathlon bracelets almost certainly its shape like a Smartwatch. Interestingly again, design a la the smartwatch carried Triathlon premium because it uses also seems nuanced gold bezel. In addition like in S2 Gear, Triathlon bezel could also be in the round

But that does not mean the price is soaring, Because as in the quotation from Phone Arena, Wednesday (18/1/1999), he said Triathlon will be released as a product that is affordable. It’s a shame there has been no information how many price ranges that will be offered this fitness bracelet later.

Seen from the insubstantial, Triathlon also brings the operating system Tizen befits Gear S2. But with some trimming according their use.

As for functions that designate Triathlon owned, among others, was able to detect a heartbeat, sleep habit recognize the user, counting calories, and more commonly offered a bracelet.

So far there is no information as to when Triathlon was released, but did not close the possibility of Samsung announce it simultaneously with the Galaxy S7 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, 2016. (jud/ash)

Source : http://inet.detik,com/

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