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Tips To Take Care Of The Face So That It Looks Beautiful, White And Bright With Lemon

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Tips To Take Care Of The Face So That It Looks Beautiful, White And Bright With Lemon

How to whiten the face with lemon ~ lime fruit is one that is familiar in the ears mothers or young women who love to cook. This is because the main benefit of lemon over the finger to remove the fishy smell and flavoring mixture on the cuisine, as well as for food coconut milk and some other type of fatty foods. Besides lime is also used as a drink that is very refreshing and refreshing the body cures instantly.

The actual fruit is round and slightly acerbic content of many of the nutrients that are very useful. Among them are vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorus, minerals, carbohydrates, lemon acid, citric acid, amino acids, and essential oils. Well, with a row of vitamins and minerals that exist in the lime juice, one of the benefits is to take care of beauty and beauty of the skin of the face.

the facial bleach lemons

Is there a way to whiten the face with lemon? Correct. You don’t have to hesitate, because generally lime contain AHA, Vitamin C that is widely used as a raw material in the manufacture of beauty products.

Why lime also has many benefits for facial skin? This is because the content of antioxidants and vitamin C which exists in it is able to lift the layer of dead skin cells at the same time regenerate cells. A few other virtues, lemons can be used to remove blackheads and brighten the skin of the face. There are deposits of lime in the AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which acts to open the pores of the skin. This has been evidenced by the wide range of research. that by making the pores to breathe more freely, it will encourage the formation of new skin a healthier, more supple and elastic. To obtain maximum results, use pure lemon water then apply it on the surface of the face with cotton.

One of the benefits of lime juice To the face
Benefits contained in the fruit of the lemon for beauty of your face. For women who want to look beautiful naturally without cosmetics, try make the mask lemon. In addition to cheap and easy to find, this fruit also contains no side effects on the skin of your face.

Benefits Of Lemon Mask For Your Face:

1. Tighten and brighten the skin toned faces certainly indicate the health of the skin that is awake and looks youthful. In addition to increase self-confidence, bright face blushes are always the center of attention in the eyes of others.
2. Clean the skin dull dull and Dirty Faces certainly interfere with the appearance of the beautiful you. Lemons can clean the dirt that clings to the pores of the face.
3. Addressing the problem of acne acne arises because the pores are clogged by dirt, moisture content in the fruit of the lemon can treat acne with anti-bacterial substance in it. Black stain that is on your face can also be disguised with a mask lemon.

How to use lemon to brighten the skin and facial treatments are as follows:

Take one large lime fruit, make sure that inside there is a lot of moisture content.
dividing into two, and then squeeze the water and capacity in the container.
To get maximum results, combine lime juice with honey and olive oil.
Use the mixture as a mask with how smeared on the skin surface of the face using a special brush used for beauty.
Let stand about 20 minutes to sink in on the face.
After that, rinse with warm water as the first rinse. It is aiming to further open the pores and lift the rest of the mask.
Subsequently rinse with cold water to close the back layer of the skin pores.
The nutritious ways also to quell blackheads, as well as cope with the face of dullness. When used routinely and regularly can benefit firms, as well as skin whiten your face so bright it looks natural.

That’s the simple way that you can do to take care of the face, the face always seemed to shine and bright natural white with lemon who believe rich benefits and nutrients for beauty skin face.

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