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This Way the correct Antibiotic Consumption

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This Way the correct Antibiotic Consumption

Antibiotics could be one of the drugs that must be obeyed usage so as not to cause dangerous side effects. Here is how the consumption of antibiotics.

“The antibiotics should be taken as needed, in accordance with the instructions of physician or rules such as how many days, whether before or after a meal and according the overdose,” said Dr. Sandra Utami Rogram, SpPD from RS Siloam orange groves,

Dr. Sandra said the use of antibiotics is not wise it was feared it could lead to the occurrence of resistance or immunity from the bacterium against antibiotics.

Prof. Iwan Dwiprahasto as Professor of Pharmacology in the UNIVERSITY in the article detikHealth have inappropriate antibiotic use can harm public health and individuals globally.

Forms of misuse is quite diverse ranging from inappropriate antibiotic to choose the type and duration of the giving way.

“The habit of giving antibiotics with inappropriate dosage and time allotment that is too short or too long will cause the resistance problem is serious enough,” said Prof Iwan.

To that end the community is expected to use antibiotics wisely:
1. Precise indication
2. Proper sufferers
3. Right drug
4. Precise dosage and duration of drug
5. Be aware of side effects
6. The giving clear information
7. Evaluation.

The following is the correct way to drink antibiotics to avoid misuse of antibiotics:

1. drink appropriate antibiotics prescribed dose, do most or deprivation.

2. Spent despite the doctor prescribed antibiotics to feel healthy, that’s already the Agency if the drug is still sick again the efficacious use of aliases are not resistant.

3. Don’t buy without prescription although the drug can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription. Because you don’t know exactly how the number of doses and should be drunk.

4. Remember the antibiotics only to treat a disease that comes from bacteria (microbes) such as urinary tract infections, sore throat.

5. Colds, coughs and diarrhea generally do not need antibiotics. Just need the consumption of nutritious food, drink and rest. If 3 days did not recover immediately to the doctor

6. Don’t be lazy to ask a doctor, any drug containing antibiotics and what are its benefits.

7. Don’t buy antibiotics by using a long recipe.

Source : http://health.detik,com/

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