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The Reason Why Must Wear Bathing Soap Containing Essential Oils

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The Reason Why Must Wear Bathing Soap Containing Essential Oils

So many bathroom SOAP product with all the advantages available in the market. Each promising diverse benefits but, which one should you choose?

It’s good to not underestimate the Affairs of select-choose bath SOAP. Worn every day, one of the most basic amenities this plays a major role for the cleanliness of your body. Clean body surely alienate you from germs cause disease.

More than that, a good bath SOAP selection also determines the health of your skin. Healthy skin is a reflection of beautiful skin. Where is the woman who doesn’t want her skin look beautiful? Almost all women naturally want it instead?

Therefore, make sure your preferred SOAP actually protect the skin as well as overall body from disease. All efficacy depends from raw soap-making. One of the raw materials that store all the required properties of the skin is the essence oil or essential oils.

In his speech he in talkshow held brand SOAP bath SK7, Friday (30/1/2016), physician and cosmetic practitioner Nancy Suwarna said, essential oil plays an important role in maintaining health and beauty of the skin.

He described, the skin has a kind of protective layer that sits on top of part of the outer skin or epidermis. Referred to as a coating or layer of the mantle, it protects the skin from germs cause disease and skin irritation.

“Do not let shower SOAP we use and even damage the coat. But SOAP with essential oils will protect this coat so as not to break down, “said a doctor who practiced in Chrysant Esthetics Jakarta.

In addition, essential oil also helps the skin humidity is maintained so that it is free from the problem of dry skin. Not only that, damp skin, says Nancy, viruses and germs will not be easily settled and lodged in the skin. But keep in mind, the essential oil will not kill the germs ‘ good ‘ the function protect the body.

Other additional “benefits of SOAP bath with essential oils is a soothing aroma. The body feels more relaxed after using it, “said Nancy again.

Often used to treat insomnia patients, further, the scent of essential oils of Nancy also helps a person get quality sleep. About raw materials, essential oils are derived from various types of vegetation. Some are made of lavender flowers, orange peel, even the roots of sandalwood.

“The essential oils are safe for anyone. I think, it is used for small children is also not a problem, “says Nancy.

He added, the essential oil is not the only requirement in choosing the ideal shower SOAP. It needs to be ascertained, SOAP shower you choose must be free of detergent ingredients.

“If they contain SOAP foam a lot means that SOAP containing detergent. Detergent will erode oil both in the skin and ruin the leather coat, “said Nancy.


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