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Actually there is no guarantee for a perfectly happy and healthy life; however, if you follow the listed steps below, you can improve your chances of boosting your healthy life style. Here are best tips to improve your healthy life style

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Eat Breakfast Every Morning
Recent studies in Harvard University shows people who have eat breakfast every morning tend to take in more nutrient and minerals, and less cholesterol and fat. The result is lower cholesterol count and less chance of overeating. To get the benefits of breakfast every morning, some expert recommends a breakfast with carbohydrates, fats, and a small amount of protein. On other hand, some expert says eating a variety of foods when breakfast is essential to good health.

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Get Enough Sleep
According to the recent studies in Harvard University, more than two-thirds of older people suffer from insomnia and many older adults don’t get the minimum amount of sleep needed to stay alert. Sleep at nights is vital to emotional well-being and to good health. The studies in Harvard reports that older adults who don’t get enough sleep during at night are more likely to develop psychiatric problems, Insomnia can affect memory in our brain and reducing logical reasoning.

Exercise for Better Health
According to the recent studies in National Cancer Institute, London shown that exercising helps promotes psychological well-being,  reduces risk of premature death., maintains healthy bones, control weight,  muscles and joints, reduces risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes, and reduces risk of death from heart disease.
People who say they don’t have time to work out and too tired don’t realize that exercise gives people more energy and also allows them to be more productive in their life.

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Snack the Healthy Way
Mayo clinic recommends three or more servings of vegetables and fruits a day as part of a healthy diet plan. These green foods can do many things to boost your healthy life style, including beating the signs of aging, improving memory, enhancing the immune system, reducing the risk of some cancers, and promoting heart health.

Drink Water & Eat Dairy
Water and milk is not only of essential fluids to improve your good health, but it can also help with shedding pounds. The calcium in milk is known to be important for strong teeth and bones. Recent Studies have also shown it can help prevent kidney stones, high blood pressure, colon cancer and heart disease. The body needs water and to keep properly hydrated in their body

Take A Daily Walk
Recent studies in Harvard University shown that people who walked at least 15 minutes daily had a significantly reduced change of premature death compared with those who rarely take a daily walk.
The 3 Week Diet


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