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The Food Should Be On Consumption To Increase Durability Of The Body

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The Food Should Be On Consumption To Increase Durability Of The Body

The durability of the body is in need by the body. Because people who have better body endurance will be stronger hold all sorts of diseases which can strike the body at any time. Especially if we have heavy activity. A sense of tired and consumption of less nutritious foods can make the endurance of the body went down drastically. Not only that, the turnover of erratic weather and extreme is also one of the factors that could make the body’s durability is reduced so that very prone we are stricken with various illnesses and viruses.

It is possible for a layman, the best way of improving the durability of the body is exercising on a regular basis with the nutritious food consume complement high. But the problem is in our knowledge, nutritious food or food and drinks containing the best nutrition for the body naturally has a selling price that is expensive, so sometimes we feel not too concerned with the nutrients in the food obtained from nutritious.

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But as it turns out, we don’t have to spend that much to get nutritious foods to maintain and improve the durability of the body. We can use food that is cheap and easy to get in but still have the best nutrition to improve the durability of our body.

Then what are some healthy foods that should be on consumption to increase durability of the body? Among them are:

1. Mineral water

The human body consists of 70% liquid. That means water is in need clothes by body. If we lack of fluids in the body so the body will limp, it’s easy to lose concentration and the most severe was stricken with the disease until his death.

Many patients pain in because lack of drinking water. Because water is also one of the substances found in the blood that is essential for the body. If the blood is not healthy then it is in worry about cause various chronic diseases and dangerous

The liquid in the body functioning to remove toxin and toxins that are found in the human body. If we meet the integrity enough water for the body then automatically increases the body’s immunity in because body that would be sure liquid substances needs. So try to expand drinking mineral water. Always prepare the water if we do heavy and tiring activity.

2. Fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants which is very important to protect the body against various diseases. The best way to consume fruit and vegetables to benefit and the best nutrition by consuming raw or under cooked it in the not for long.

Always prepare fresh fruits in your home. We can replace a healthy morning breakfast by consuming the fruit. The fruit contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins so very well in the consumption of solid activity before doing so.
Fruit and vegetables are good for increasing endurance of body in whom is
• Spinach
Spinach contains high folate which can prevent damage to DNA and blood vessel so it can enhance the immune system naturally
• Broccoli
A study suggests, natural chemicals in broccoli helps stimulate the immune system. in the add more nutrients in it will protect the body from cell damage. Of Vitamin A, vitamin C, glutathione, and also a lot of broccoli.
• Watermelon
Watermelon Fruit in there the content of  antioxidants and glutathione. Glutathione can help strengthen the immune system so as to prevent and fight infections
• Lemon
Lemons contain lots of vitamin C to help the body fight a wide range of harmful bacteria and viruses. . In addition to the other benefits of vitamin C than lemon was as natural detoxification.

And many more types of fruit and vegetables that we can benefit from its nutrient content to enhance our immune system so that we are not susceptible to the disease.

3. Fish

Fish is one of our favorite food menu. Do you know if you fish consumption such as salmon, tuna and mackerel turns out to contain Omega-3 fatty acids? the content of this very in need by the body and serve to enhance the immune system and help maintain fitness.

To that end, it is recommended to consume fish such as salmon at least twice a week, in addition to maintain the durability of the body, the important content in the fish serve to provide protection against damage caused by the infection.

4. Garlic

The garlic turns out to contain a number of very useful antioxidant in the immune system that can quickly kill the virus causes the flu. So if we are stricken with the flu we could try to consume garlic. If you cannot swallow the raw garlic, we can blend the garlic into a variety of cuisines. For example in the mix into the soup. We could add more servings of garlic, so that flu and diseases we can get well soon

Garlic contains allicin, which acts as an antivirus and anti bacterial. This garlic will be very useful to stimulate production of white blood cells to fight the germs and diseases.

5. Chocolate

Almost everybody loves chocolate. In fact we often find chocolate in combine with a variety of foods like ice cream and more. In addition to mind turns brown is one of the foods can increase the immune the presentation. Because Brown is the antioxidant concentrates.

Research shows that by consuming chocolate, we can reduce the risk of the sick heart, help maintain cholesterol levels, and repairing damaged blood vessels in diabetics. presentation simplest is to prepare a cup of chocolate, which is in the mix with low-fat milk and sugar levels are low.

When you begin to feel less healthy or feel tired quickly consume warm brown so you feel fresh again. This chocolate will be healthy as long as the sugar levels in maintaining a minimum standard of, as the bitter chocolate and cocoa powder can work to improve the immune system.

6. Ginger

Ginger’s been since time immemorial in the trust and used as a traditional remedy that can warm the body. In addition to that Ginger is also very useful to improve our immune system and neutralizes the toxins that are present in the body. In general the ginger serves as a cleaning tool in the body, such as the trigger for the production of mucus to clear pulmonary and respiratory tract. When tired of ginger consumption is by way of brewing a warm water in the mix the ginger. then the body you will be warm and free from fatigue.

7. Honey

Honey has a myriad of excellent benefits to our health. The sweet taste is easier to consume. too often the honey mixed into a variety of foods or drinks as a sweetener.
Benefits of honey as well as antibiotics are also serves as an antiseptic. Honey is very useful for enhancing the immune system, in addition to the content that is contained in the various honey, honey can also cope with allergies, asthma, and also very good for maintaining skin health.

8. Protein

Protein is also not less important to improve the durability of the body, because the protein functions as a substance in the body builders. Protein deficiency will make our body become unstable, if it was so sure the body will susceptible exposed to various diseases. Some diseases are caused by a protein deficiency include hair loss, skin discoloration, sores long recovery, exposed to digestive problems, lack of fluids, there is damage to the liver and decreased endurance body. What are the food sources of protein so that the body does not lack of protein?

You can consume, nuts, eggs, milk and cabbage is one a good source of protein because the amino acids found in protein can help to form cells that play a role in the resistance of the body

It turns out not so much food and drink is cheap and easy at can we can take advantage of to improve the durability of the body naturally? But even though you already consume nutritious food and drink still the body needs movement in sports to maintain fitness and body enough rest to rest the tired body organs work with the hectic activity.

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