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The Disease So The Challenge Of The Year Of The Monkey

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The Disease So The Challenge Of The Year Of The Monkey

Feng Shui experts also known expert in reading faces, Erwin Yap, said the problem of disease being the most common challenges faced nationally in the year of the monkey.

“The challenge was more a matter of diseases, especially diseases that attack to the abdominal area. Secondly, diseases that attack through the circulation of water, “said Erwin are steeped in Chinese metaphysics science since 2001, Friday (5/2).

Erwin who expressed his opinion to coincide the coming Lunar New year 2567, Monday, February 8, 2016, said elements of metal elements and the water becomes the most dominant influence in Monkeys.

The properties of water that move dynamically into the influence of transmission of the disease can quickly affect on society, such as vomiting, diarrhea and other diseases that arise because of the flood.

However, the water debit has estimated it could reduce the potential for forest fires and land the extraordinary happen in 2015 as a hallmark of the year of the goat.

“The forest fire was indeed a defining feature (in) Wooden Goat. The issue of natural disasters is still a matter of the volcano, “said Erwin who studied feng shui getting to Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Taiwan.

Erwin exposes the element of water can be applied in everyday life, e.g. with communication. Communication rated be the solution if there are obstacles in occupations.

According to him, the fire Monkey year will give a more dynamic energy compared to last year, whether seen through the water element capable of communication, or metal element which can embody ideals without help from others.

In addition, he argues that the calculation of the mapping of hope and challenge each year is closely related to the dynamics of the five elements, i.e. Earth, water, fire, metal and wood included in the Zodiac Zodiac (Chinese zodiac animal wear to represent year, month and time in astrology).

“Actually it’s not a matter of selling because if we open the meaning of (zodiac), there will be a separate element which deals. Other elements are not just ugly, indeed metal and water are more prominent, “said Erwin. [Ant/L-8]

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