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The Complete List of Healthy Diet For Pregnant and Lactating

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The Complete List of Healthy Diet For Pregnant and Lactating

A list of healthy foods for pregnant and lactating
Spoiling’s requirements for nutrients, nutrients, and vitamins for mothers or pregnant women and breastfeeding is a necessity that the first priority. Eat healthy for pregnant women fetus in the womb aims to obtain nutrition for growth and development while healthy foods for breastfeeding women aim to obtain the best quality and good breast milk so that the development of the baby during breastfeeding may be more optimal and healthy. To meet the needs of pregnant women or breastfeeding period nutrients you should make a list of daily food menu so that the baby’s body healthier and more energetic body and don’t forget to stay away from the various food taboos that should be avoided. To help you the pregnant women and nursing mothers, here I help to prepare a set of healthy food is good in the consumption of pregnant women or during breast-feeding.

Changing the perception of healthy foods for pregnant women and breastfeeding.
As mothers pregnant or are already breastfeeding, should during pregnancy and the first 2 years after the birth of children, the health of the fetus and the quality of breast milk required get concern very seriously because it will determine the development and growth of your child, so get rid of once mind to diet (especially postpartum) and other programs, both ends meet your body’s nutritional needs for nutrients, vitamins, and healthy food and good as an intermediary for the needs of the food for the baby and your child when breastfeeding. Here is a collection of the best food list, nice and highly recommended for consumption by pregnant and lactating mothers. This is the food that you should not abstain or not to be avoided during pregnancy and contains:

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1. Seafood.
Seafood is the recommended for pregnant women are salmon. This fish is the most nutritionally good is also good for breastfeeding women as second best nutrition, namely DHA and EPA which has a nice function for cell growth and development of brain nerve cells of the fetus in the womb. While these nutrients when breastfeeding period will raise the quality of breast milk (ASI), other properties of salmon are psychologically reassuring.

2. Consumption of low-fat milk.
Goodness of milk has been in doubt for supporting the power of healthy pregnant women and breastfeeding because milk is so rich in resources protein, high in calcium, vitamin D, and B, but I advocate for the consumption of milk that have been in if the levels of weak low as possible, refined products which can This Program:
* Cheese.
* Other processed milk.
Eat that suits your taste, the calcium in milk intake would be the best for your baby’s bone strength and for mothers will prevent bone loss. A glass of milk every day will provide enough nutrition and energy needs of the pregnant women.

3. Red meat non-fat
To get the calories that are very needed by pregnant women and lactating women as energy, red meat is the right food choices and the beef could be the best option and the recommended yet before cooking, remove the fat first, or make sure the fat does not participate in the meal. For pregnant women will be beef for strength and energy for lactation then your protein needs will be met.

4. Consumption of vegetable types nuts.
Rework daily diet by including kacang2an such as peanuts, black will be very good for the health of pregnant and nursing mothers, especially those who do not really like meat (food as a replacement). These foods are rich in iron and protein in addition to the price is not expensive.

5. Consumption of fruit blueberries.
Pregnant and lactating women need food that contains high antioxidants, one of which is by eating a blueberry fruit, in addition to maintaining stamina and increase the antioxidant energy will make your baby grow healthy and not get sick. Highly recommended for dining in the form of chapters in order to easily and quickly absorbed body’s cells.

6. Consumption of brown rice and brown rice.
Besides being rich in carbohydrate content, these two types of food are excellent at reducing obesity postpartum but you have to keep pace with other foods to replace the energy due to your weight loss while breastfeeding.

7. Eat citrus fruits.
Fruits high in vitamin C the best is very good as the fruit complement to a day a good day for pregnant women and for nursing mothers, the typical fruit sour taste sweet but refreshing is much found in the marketplace and the fruit seller, with a relatively affordable price, can be consumed every day and you need not worry about your finances :). Search for another good and great is to create as orange juice.

8. Eat boiled eggs.
Good egg and give a plus to the health of pregnant and lactating mothers are in cooking boiled so that content of vitamin D, protein or calories you get, the result is bones strong and your baby will be more optimal growth. And the quality of the best egg is a chicken egg. You can eat it immediately after the mixture boiled or for other food.

9. Adequate folic acid you need.
Since the beginning of pregnancy until the stage of nursing mothers, folic acid plays an important role in the development of children that eating foods containing nutrients is very important to do, kind food is bread wheat or other

10. Cook the soupy green leafy vegetables.
Often cook vegetables especially those leaves are green, as green spinach leaves, rice, and cabbage broccoli. Vegetables should be included in the list of healthy meals your day a good day for young pregnant women and during lactation because much nutritional goodness will be received include vitamin A and C, calcium, fiber naturally, ZAF iron blood booster, manganese, antioxidant herbal and energy.

11. Cook porridge talbina.
It is special for the nursing mother day and night exertion gives breast milk to the baby, which need to be sleeping at night and lie awake  midnight, it is very nice your morning breakfast with oatmeal talbina that nutritional fuller you can add a piece of carrot and broccoli.

12. Prevent dehydration by drinking enough risk.
Not just by simply drinking alone, consume foods or fruits that quite a lot of fluids, such as melons, oranges, yam and other fibrous either.

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