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The cause of the onset of the Panda’s eyes (the black Ring around the eye) which should be soon on Avoid

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The panda‘s eyes are symptoms of the onset of a black ring around the eyes even sometimes cause the SAC around the periphery of the eye, so it makes the sufferer feel uneasy and less confident.

Many things can cause the onset of the panda eyes. but not so easy also how to remove panda eyes in an instant. Especially if we have an important schedule on that day. apply makeup to disguise panda eyes ever feels hard. Thus your face will look dull and less passionate

Prevent is better than cure. To always keep the appearance, we recommend that you maintain a healthy life pattern will be more prevent for the occurrence of all diseases that can occur at any time. And one of them is the panda eyes. then what are the causes of a panda eye preferably should be in to avoid? The following reviews

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1. Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation is most often made the panda appeared suddenly. the least hours of sleep can make the face became pale and a black ring around the eye became increasingly clear.

If we have heavy activity should reapply daily schedule so that we can keep a good quality of sleep and healthy. Don’t impose activities that are too dense, because is not good for the health of the body is also directly will make our face looks less attractive.As the incidence of panda face looks dull and others.

Normally, every body need sleep for 6-8 hours per day. So reset your schedule each day to prevent any disease that could come at any time.

2. Exposure to Sunlight

Although in believe salubrious, excessive exposure to sunlight also is actually not good for your health. A good sun exposure occurs in the morning around 6-10 as it contains ultra violet who believe in good health to the body. But beyond that the heat exposure to the Sun will be more healthy. Because of the heat of the Sun can reproduce the excess melanin production in our body so directly can darken the eye area

We recommend that you use a protective face, such as hats or sunglasses if forced to hit by exposure to the Sun in a long period of time.

3. Diseases in the body

The incidence of panda should also have to beware. Because it turns out the disease anemia and kidney disease also have symptoms that resemble a panda. That is a black ring in the area occurred. So if you feel your sleep enough and not exposed to excessive sun exposure but your eyes have a black ring, should soon be consulting right to the doctor.

4. The offspring

The cause of the next panda eyes is heredity/genetics. So if you’re experiencing panda, try to ask your parents, do they also have panda eyes or not. But still it’s panda you experience should soon be corrected, either because of hereditary factors or not.Because of the many factors the incidence of eye of the panda that you can peruse and then can immediately in the right hip.

5. Too much Make Up

In addition to useful to beautify the face, turned out to be makeup can also reduce the beauty of the face, if we don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of the face before or after make up. Try to clean your face before or after make up.

Especially if we want to sleep, the rest of the makeup is going to irritate the eye area causing fluid gathered that causes the eyes become swollen and eyes like black circle occurred pandas.

6. Dehydration/Lack of drinking

Less drinking, in fact very dangerous to the health of the body. One of them is causing dehydration. The lack of intake of fluids in the body can lead to blood circulation in the body did not go well. It also significantly affects the blood vessels around the eyes. So can lead to the onset of the panda eyes. So pay attention to white water consumption every day of her so that our bodies stay healthy and perform more naturally beautiful.

7. Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and cigarettes clearly can be bad for our health. Alcohol can cause dehydration of the body can then make the skin eyes sink and looks weak

While smoking is just as highly detrimental to health, Because smoking can weaken the collagen under the eyes, so that they can make the eyes of slack and causing premature aging.

That’s a bit of a review on the causes of the Panda‘s eyes (the black Ring around the eye) which should be soon on easy, it turns right to avoid maintaining health beauty while simultaneously? By maintaining a healthy lifestyle patterns and avoid the dangerous activity and consumption we’ll live a lot more healthy at the same time look more beautiful.
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