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Tasty and Easy Way To Lower Cholesterol And Heal Stress With Potatoes

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Tasty and Easy Way To Lower Cholesterol And Heal Stress With Potatoes


Compared to low-calorie potato rice, so that suitable substitute rice food especially for that being on a diet. In Europe it became a main dish.

1. Good for diet

The high content of fibers is great for digestion especially for you who are on a diet.

2. The fight against disease

Some research proves a nice potato to fight heart disease. It could even reduce the prostate cancer and uterine cancer. The content of vitamin B6 are high and out of the formation of crystals or the tumor and reducing the risk of neurological disorders.

3. Good for skin health

Potatoes contain high vitamin C so it is very good for skin health. Even grated raw potatoes can reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

4. Reduce cholesterol

Potatoes do not contain high calories such as rice so as to help reduce cholesterol levels. Potatoes provide the effect of fullness longer so hungry is not easy.

5. create brain Nutrients

Iron and copper content high in potatoes nutrition is great for the brain.

6. Reduce inflammation

When exposed to inflammatory bowel and digestive system, potatoes are easy to digest very nice eaten. For external inflammation, potato juice is very helpful in treating bruises, Burns, sprains, and ulcers.

7. Treat kidney stones

A high magnesium content in potatoes could resist accumulation of calcium in the kidneys so as to reduce the risk of Kidney stone formation.

8. Relieve stress

The content of vitamin B6 on potatoes make the hormone adrenaline stress-so as to make the body respond so relaxes and soothes. Therefore the potato is great for relieving stress.

More Nice Boiled Potatoes

Cultivate potatoes, better be boiled rather than fried. To make it more tasty, after it is boiled and cut into pieces, mix the potatoes with the tattoo of celery leaves, coriander leaves, or onions.

Another way is to make mashed potatoes. Once boiled and peeled, mash potatoes, can be added a bit of butter or a little milk in order to make it taste more delicious. Pack a lunch, to be accompanied by chicken barbeque and salad raw food. Provision are ready are brought to the Office.

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