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Symptoms On Dengue Fever And First Aid

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Symptoms On Dengue Fever And First Aid

Dengue fever, dengue caused by viruses transmitted through Aedes aegipty mosquito bites or Aedes albopictus females have sex. Mosquitoes-legged white dappled this human bite during the day.

Dengue virus consists of four types (strains), i.e. the dengue type 1, 2, 3 and 4. However, the dominant type in Indonesia are the type 3. Dengue virus causes a disruption in the capillaries and blood clotting system resulting in bleeding, can cause death.

Usually, the disease dengue fever epidemic when the turn of the seasons of the rainy season to dry season or otherwise.

Dengue Fever

Symptoms of the disease dengue fever until now it was not unexpected. But in General, the disease is characterized by such high heat, dizziness, even vomit blood. But unfortunately, the same symptoms commonly found in other diseases. As a result, until now it often happens wrong diagnosis. Therefore, you have to be more vigilant and recognize other symptoms.

The Symptoms Of Dengue Fever Dengue

1. Sudden high heat for 2-7 days, looking weak listless body temperature between 38 º C to 40 º C or more.

2. b red spots Appear on the skin and if the skin stretched Pack red spots were not lost.

3. Sometimes bleeding in the nose (nosebleeds).

4. blood vomiting may occur or diarrhea blood

5. test positive Torniquet

6. The existence of a petekia, akimosis bleeding or purpura

7. Sometimes, heartburn due to bleeding in the barn

8. When it is severe, sufferers of restless, end of cold hands and feet Sweating mucous mucous membrane Bleeding, gastrointestinal, cerna tool place injections or other place

9. Hematemesis or melena

10. Thrombocytopenia (= 100,000 per mm3)

11. Enlargement of the plasma erathubungannya with the increase in the permeability of the wall of blood vessels, which is characterized by the appearance of one or more of:
The increase in value of 20% or more hematokrit depending age and gender
Decrease in the value of the basic values of the hematokrit 20% or more after treatment
Signs of pleural effusion plasma i.e. enlargement, asites, hipo-proteinaemia

Dengue Fever Sufferers First Aid

Dr. Rita explained in dealing with cases of dengue fever just need to play with the liquid, when leaks have a lot to drink, but when the leaks is finished then 2 × 24 hour fluid intake should be reduced.

Here are some things that can be done as a form of first aid against dengue fever sufferers:
1. Give to drink as much as possible.
2. Compress so that the heat down.
3. Give a febrifuge.
4. If within 3 days the fever does not go down or even go up soon to bring to the hospital or clinic.
5. If it is not able to drink or vomiting continuously, the condition of the grew worse, declining or lost consciousness then it should be treated in the hospital.

The Way Of Transmission Of Dengue Fever

The disease dengue fever is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito bites that contain Dengue virus.

1. The characteristics of the mosquito Aedes aegypti:
2. Black and Pinto white on the entire body
3. Depression in the shelter of the water and the stuff that lets the water inundated as: bathtub, drums, jars, vases, used tires, etc.
4. Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes cannot breed in the ditch or pond water/got directly related to land
Usually bite humans in the morning or afternoon
5. Able to fly up to 100 meters

When the public find a family member or a neighbor in the neighborhood with the symptoms that indicate the presence of Dengue, is immediately taken to a Clinic for an examination of platelets.

The way of Prevention, Treatment and Handling

The way of prevention is done by:

1. The eradication of
Mosquito Nest eradication by the way; Drain, cover, bury the used items that can become a place of perindukan mosquitoes.

2. Fogging or fogging
Foging is implemented in cases with positive, PE 2 or more positive sufferers, hay fever sufferers 3 found within a radius of 100 m from the residence there are positive or dengue fever sufferers 1 dengue fever sufferers died

3. Abatisasi
The sprinkled powder abate into the bath water or shelter.

4. early vigilance System
Report of the patient from the hospital sent to Clinics in the area of epidemiological investigation conducted for the sufferers.

The treatment against the disease is primarily intended to address bleeding, prevent/overcome the State of shock with the pursuit of so many sufferers to drink, when to do the giving fluids through an IV drip. A fever kept to a cold compress or derived by antipiretika.

Handling of dengue patients, among others:

1. Monitor the patient’s body temperature every day
2. Take the patient back to the doctor if a fever lasts 3 days
3. Rest and adequate fluid intake are two things that are very important in patients with dengue virus infection.
4. If the patient is getting weak, vomiting, difficulty eating or drinking, intravenous fluids should be done by a doctor.
5. If the laboratory results showed no signs of decreased platelets or increased hematocrit, the patient must be hospitalized.
6. Patients are monitored should be no shock that is characterized by a sense of weakness, drowsiness, and fainting, while the legs feel cold at all.
Now this is a transition from the rainy season to the dry season, where dengue mosquitoes were breeding. Therefore, good understanding of the symptoms of dengue fever is beneficial to prevent outbreaks of this disease.

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