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Symptoms of Heart Disease: from Trivial Things to Deadly

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Symptoms of Heart Disease: from Trivial Things to Deadly


It is no secret that heart disease is a deadly disease. Reporting from, a survey of the national cause of death has just completed by the Agency for Health Research and Development Ministry of Health. The results of the survey say ten types of disease that most often the cause of death in Indonesia. The first rank is occupied by Cerebrovascular or blood vessel disease in the brain such as in stroke patients. Meanwhile, despite not being in the first place, was sentenced to heart disease as a disease that ranks second on the list of leading causes of death in Indonesia.

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Given that, is certainly important for us to know the symptoms of heart disease early. Such things can at least minimize the development of heart disease. Symptoms of heart disease may sometimes trivial and light. However, we should be wary if the symptoms we feel it may be that it is a sign of heart disease is deadly. As mentioned in www.smartdetox,com, here are the symptoms of heart disease may be rare to realize.

  1. Shortness of breath
    Shortness of breath can be caused by blood vessel blocking blood flow that is distributed throughout the body that can cause irregular heartbeats, thickening of the heart muscle, and heart valve abnormalities.
  2. Indigestion
    A study says that women often experience the common symptoms of heart disease include nausea and vomiting. In fact, compared to men, women are also more at risk of experiencing symptoms of indigestion before the heart attack. It will obviously be very confusing because the symptoms of indigestion are also often experienced in other diseases. This condition is caused by blockage of fat in the arteries that supply blood to the heart is reduced, resulting in the digestive system can also be disrupted.
  3. Swelling on the body
    Swelling typically occurs in the abdomen and ankle. This is because the fluid builds up in the body.4
  4. Tiredness
    If someone has a heart that is not normal, it will be easily tired even though only a small activity. Fatigue is also usually felt on waking. Feeling tired is because pumping blood and oxygen that do heart obstacles. When that happens, then the other organs will experience a shortage of blood supply and oxygen to run its activities so that people will feel weak and easily tired.
  5.  Pain in the chest
    In a person who had a heart attack, chest pain caused by blockage of arteries that can lead to blood can not flow to the entire body. However, chest pain can also be a symptom of other diseases. To ensure experienced chest pain is a symptom of heart disease or not, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  6. Irregular heartbeat
    These symptoms need alert because it can cause a fatal thing. Irregular heartbeat will usually last for their muscle thickening of the heart valves. This resulted in a narrowing of the valve until the course may lead to leakage.
  7. Frequent cold sweat
    Cold sweats often occur when a person is stricken with colds. However, if it happens when you’re not into the wind, then it needs to be watched. Often sweating is a symptom that must be experienced by people with heart abnormalities.
  8. worried
    Feelings of anxiety that can not be explained are often perceived by most people with heart. This generally occurs when they’re heart disease relapse.
  9. Sputter
    Persistent coughing can be caused by heart abnormalities. That’s because when the network of vessels is narrowed, less oxygen is needed to be met so that the heart rate will be impaired. When that happens, naturally the body will force the oxygen supply is met by a cough because a cough can stretch the blood vessel by way startled

Similarly, a common symptom of heart disease that may be rarely recognized. Hopefully useful and let alert!

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