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Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, And a Natural Cure Dengue Fever

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Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, And a Natural Cure Dengue Fever

A full review about the symptoms, causes, prevention, and cure dengue fever which can be life threatening if not promptly treated with care.

Symptoms, causes, prevention, and Cure dengue fever

Dengue fever or dengue fever is a disease named dengue virus infection resulting from that transmitted through Aedes mosquitoes, particularly Aedes aegypti females. These mosquitoes transmit the virus in the saliva of water by way of biting humans during the day, then there are saliva dengue virus to spread throughout the body tissues resulting in the white blood cells produce plenty of protein to cause symptoms.

The Symptoms Of Dengue Fever

To recognize the symptoms of dengue fever which is light is not easy, because many types of viral infections (not dengue) that its almost the same symptoms, such as fever or hot for several days. While heavy infections of dengue virus will cause a lot of signals from the body that happens suddenly, such as headaches, sore muscles or joints, and skin rash (red spots).

In the early phase, sufferers will experience a fever that high-temperature, heat the Agency reached 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. After that the sufferer will feel the headache (febrile) which lasts for 2 to 7 days. In this febrile phase usually perceived symptoms patients accompanied by a rash on the skin. On the first or second day of the rash will look like reddish skin that is exposed to heat. Next (on the 4 to 7) the rash resembles that of measles.

High fever that was felt by the sufferer will die down after entering a critical phase that lasts for up to 2 days. In this phase, the fluid can accumulate in the chest and abdomen due to leaks on small blood vessels. The fluid will continue to come out, which resulted in the stopping of blood circulation in the body.

When the healing phase, the liquid that comes out due to leakage of blood vessels will go back into the blood stream. Patients will usually recover gradually at this stage, approximately 2 to 3 days. On this phase often sufferers lose consciousness or seizures due to brain available excess fluid. There is also a feeling the severe itching and a weak heartbeat.

Causes Of Dengue Fever

Dengue virus is a virus be the cause of someone being exposed to dengue fever. This virus was originally sneaking in the body then living in the cells of the gastrointestinal tract leading to mosquitoes. About 8 days 10 days later, the virus will spread to mosquito saliva glands, where the production of saliva or saliva or ludh. Therefore, the mosquitoes that infect someone with bitten way tantamount to parses the dengue virus or move along the mosquito saliva into the human body.

Originally a virus does not harm because it is still against the body’s defense system of white blood cells. Gradually the virus produces (or multiply) so that the immune system cannot withstand dengue virus attacks, as a result of the virus managed to enter and spread in the body’s tissues.

First Aid Of Dengue Fever

Before being treated, sufferers should be given first aid by a healthcare professional. Dr. Rita said that in dealing with cases of dengue fever just need to produce plenty of fluids because of leaks in the body that makes the liquid is gone. Sufferers can drink plenty of plain water while the leak case, but if it’s over a closed alias must be sufferers reduce fluid intake.

The following are the actions as a form of medical first aid against dengue fever:
Supplying fluid body with white water to reproduce.
Compress the patient’s feet so that a high fever subsided.
Give febrifuge as recommended by a doctor.
Bring the patient to the hospital or clinic if the patient does not experience the positive changes (decrease of heat as well as other symptoms) Although it has been performed first aid measures.
Forced to hospitalized in a patient’s condition grew worse, consciousness is getting lost, and exacerbated by not being able to drink water until vomiting continuously.

Cure Dengue Fever

Before treatment to a doctor (because of the severe conditions), sufferers can consume the medicine following traditional dengue fever to help reduce the symptoms felt.

1. Juice of the mangosteen Rind
At the skin there are antioxidants mangosteen named Xanthone can help speed up the recovery of the patient’s condition fever dengue lightly. You can make juice of the mangosteen rind with how dredge parts in the skin (which resemble a white membrane), then blend and add a little honey.

2. Guava Juice
Guava guava or the fleshy red said by experts as a natural tool to Jack up the platelets (white blood cells) are badly needed by patients fever dengue. Because of this, doctors often advise patients in phase of healing for diligently fill fluid at once reproduce the production of platelets with guava juice drinking routine.

3. Juice Dates
Juice dates are also a natural alternative to help boost the production of platelets is reduced a lot due to the dengue virus. The reduced platelets can be life threatening. For it when you are infected Fever dengue it will be good eating foods that can increase platelet levels such as the juice of dates.

4. Papaya (Carica papaya)
Papaya leaves often made herb Dengue fever, especially on the male papaya or papaya leaves papaya. On papaya leaves are a variety of enzymes like papain, karpain, nicotine, pseudokarpain, miosimin, kontinin, and karposid glycosides.

In General, the papaya leavesl used to cure stomach pain, fever, malaria and diseases of stomach worms, as well as help the process digestion. This makes the leaves papaya as a medicinal herb in 23 countries who recognized the many parties, including WHO (World Health Organization).

The results showed that papaya leaves as to provide therapeutic effects on sufferers of inflammatory swelling or vital organs such as the heart, eyes, genital, and intestine. Relation to a dengue fever sufferer is experiencing swelling of the liver organ. In addition, papaya leaves are also antioxidant, anticoagulant, and able to heal wounds in the stomach and intestines.

5. Appointment Cpanel (Curcuma aeruginosa)
CPanel and inventiveness are the medicinal plants asthma, coughs, appetite stimulant, arthritis, rheumatism, and preventive an the lmintik. In the appointment irek stored content of essential oils such as turmeron and zingiberene. There are also compound kurkuminoid (Curcumin I, II, and III) as well as substances, saponins, alkaloids, starches, and fats.

Empirically (according to testing or trial) appointment cPanel also helps to repair damaged cells in the liver sufferer of dengue. You can buy traditional herbal medicine made from cPanel and inventiveness, then drink until recovery condition until the end.

6. Turmeric (Curcuma domestica)
In life, saffron seasoning, made regular food coloring, a natural insecticide, cosmetic ingredients, and much more.

Turmeric Rhizome has also been used since a long time by the ancestors and ancestor to treat different types of the disease, such as stimulant, carminative, stomakik, haematik, hapato-protectors, anti spasmodic, anti inflammatory, smoothly digestion, and wounds on the stomach and ulser.

The turmeric privileges implemented due to the large content of essential oils (zingiberene and turmeron) as well as some other substances from the kurkuminoid (Curcumin I, II, and III).

Laboraturium of the test show that turmeric has activity as an anti oxidant (who helped eradicate the dengue virus in patients DBD), anti microbial, antiviral HIV, prevent breast tumors, inhibits the rate for these cancer cells, and disease peptic ulcers (gastrointestinal disorders).

7. (Phyllanthus niruri) Groats
A leaf decoction of groats are often drunk as a medicinal herb in traditional diseases of the liver (diuretic for kidney and liver), cough, diarrhea, aphthous ulcer (canker sores), heat in, expectorant, venereal disease, and as a stomach tonic.

Groats are also as anti virus the body, helps improve immune system of someone who is sick with spur cell macrophage phagocytosis. Aktivititas hemolytic, sitotoksisitas NK cells, antibodies IgM and IgG, lymphocyte proliferative function of T, and neutrophil khemotaksis.

In the groats embedded many compounds such as flavonoids (antioxidants), fenolat acid, alkaloids, tannins, and triterpenoid, based on the results of the study concluded that meniran is also efficacious as an inhibitor of viral DNA polymerase from hepatitis B, an inhibitor of reverse transcriptase of retroviruses, and gastrointestinal disease suppression.

How To Prevent Dengue Fever

1. Pay attention to environmental conditions and cleanliness of the home so as not to become a den of mosquitoes Aedes aegypti that someday could bite or infect the dengue virus.

2. Following the suggestion of carrying out the 3 m movement: closing meetings of the bathtub in order not to become a den of mosquitoes and water does not become ghettos outcomes the son of a mosquito, drain the bath at least once a week to ensure the cleanliness of the bathtub, and heaped up unused items such as empty containers can or possible a place flooded (pots, flower vases, buckets, etc.) so that mosquitoes do not lay eggs in it.

3. Because mosquitoes are known as to the activity of the “bite” on the time of day,surely you should be applying lotion or mosquito repelant anti (especially in children).Should be noted or emphasized when You live in the neighborhood who narrated many Dengue dengue fever sufferers.

4. When the evening leading up to bed apply anti mosquito lotions anyway with the best brands or insect repellent, because it does not cover the possibility of a mosquito is infected in the evening.

5. See Your Windows and doors, don’t let there be a small hole that could potentially make your House into a den of mosquitoes. Also make sure the air vents are install edfilters to keep the influx of mosquitoes or other insects into the House.

6. If you have young children who are still minors, could use a mosquito net (the anti mosquitos) in his bed in order not to be exposed to bites.

7. The lid of the trash that’s been unused, if dumped just so as not to adding to the murky the atmosphere of home.

8. If there are any empty containers that are still in use but are not used, better be reversed so as not to become a puddle.

9. If necessary, you can plant crops tulasi near the window of the House. These plantshave the ability to keep mosquitoes and prevent mosquito proliferation breed.

10. If the House looks much mosquitoes soft sand, use powerful ways to throw her out.I.e. by burning camphor in the room that You believe to be the source of nesting mosquitoes, and then close the window and the door (you are out of home) for 15 minutes. Afterwards spray fragrances, room with, and your home will be free from mosquitoes.

Dengue fever is a disease that could threaten many souls according the level of severe. Because of the awful thing is, for those of you who have never felt the pain of joint pain due to dengue virus infected, keep always the cleanliness of the home and continue to do measures to prevent dengue mosquito breeding and nesting in the House.

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