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Side Effects of Green Tea Consumption Every Day to be Excessively

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Side Effects of Green Tea Consumption Every Day to be Excessively

Tea is one plant that has been since the first processed into drinks such as the name suggests is a tea / tea that has health benefits. Tea also has a variety of types, one of which is green tea. Why are called green tea? Because as the name suggests, these teas have a green color when brewed. Unlike the tea is generally brown.

As you know, green tea has many health benefits and is much recommended by experts to consume this tea. But you know if green tea consumption can also cause side effects to health? For more details, see the answer below!

Hazard & Impact of recent or Negative Effects of Excessive consumption of Green Tea Every Day Continuous

1. Causes Stomach Acid Rising
Green tea contains tannins substances that can trigger the stomach to produce more acid. It is very dangerous for people with stomach acid, so you should avoid excessive consumption of green tea for patients with gastric acid. However, green tea is safe for people who do not have problems with stomach acid.

2. Interfering Kidney Health
Avoid consuming green tea along with medication from a doctor or are under medical supervision. This can damage the health and performance of the kidneys, causing kidney problems. Therefore, green tea different ways of working with drugs – drugs from doctors. Not a disease that will be lost, but the disease came.

3. Disrupt hormone secretion
Consuming excess is strongly discouraged and are not good for health, as well as green tea consumed in excessive amounts. Consequently may disrupt the secretion of hormones in the body. Therefore, you should avoid excessive consumption of green tea. Green tea consumption up to 3 cups per day.

4. Interfere with Iron Absorption
Besides being able to raise the levels of stomach acid in patients with gastric acid, green tea it also may cause the blood’s ability to absorb iron and other nutrients needed by the body when consumed in excess amounts. Therefore, avoid excessive consumption of green tea.

5. Insomnia
As well as coffee, green tea has caffeine content is quite high. So it is fitting to avoid excessive consumption of green tea. The result will experience anxiety and difficulty sleeping or have insomnia.

6. Interfering Fetal Health
The green is also not recommended for pregnant women or pregnant. For sufficiently high caffeine content in green tea can cause disturbances in the fetal brain, making it difficult to develop.

Well, so was the side effects of green tea consumption on health. So, green tea can cause illness if consumed in excessive amounts and are not intended for pregnant women. As you know, something that will never be redundant either for themselves, both in terms of health or other. May be useful!

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