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Sew The Hair Become Straight And More Beautiful With Natural Materials

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Sew The Hair Become Straight And More Beautiful With Natural Materials

Hair is a Crown for us humans. Hair can also make the factor how handsome or beautiful someone. Because the hair has some percentage of that is wide enough in the head. So with has beautiful hair, will have a plus for the good looks or the beauty of a person.

Although benchmark beautiful hair doesn’t have to be straight, but most definitely loved the hair that breaks down the straight. Moreover, looks beautiful and shiny.Because it would look more healthy. Unfortunately to get straight hair and beautiful we need care, it means we also need the funds allocated for the cost of treatment…

Some researchers found the benefits of natural ingredients that turned out to be potent can help make your hair become straight and much healthier.Automatic because by providing the nutrients natural and naturally our hair will be more beautiful and easy to set up. And that is just as cool is with the use of this natural treatment that means we can save you the expense of doing hair care.

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And then as to whether the material turns out to be potent and Sharpshooter to help make hair could be more straight and looks healthier. The following is a list of some of the natural materials that we can use in order to take care of the hair so that the hair is more straight and beautiful.

1. Natural and healthy way of Straightening hair with coconut milk

Coconut milk, is produced in water from the coconut juice. We can get the coconut milk with coconut do grate way, then grab the water results from the grated coconut.Coconut milk used to straighten hair to appear more straight and beautiful this is the original coconut milk and coconut is made by choice, try the coconut to get maximum results …

How to care for hair with the juice from grated coconut results are:
• Prepare a glass of coconut milk and then mix it with two spoons of lemon juice. Stir both ingredients of the mixture until evenly mixed
• Once the material is ready, let stand in the refrigerator for approximately two hours,or until it thickens and look cool
• Use materials that have been prepared, and apply it on the hair evenly. Comb the hair so that fluids can be mixed evenly throughout the hair.
• Wrap the hair with a shower and wait a few minutes until it dries.
• The final step is to rinse the hair well mixed the ingredients, until it is clean.
• Do this treatment once a week. So that we can get the straight hair and permanent.

2. How Healthy and naturally straighten hair with milk

Most of us would certainly like to consume milk, because it tastes good, we also believe that the milk also contain many vitamins and benefits that are good for the body. In addition to good for nourishing your body. The content of the milk is also very good for nourishing your hair all at once can help to straighten hair naturally and permanently.
The milk that we use to care hair is pure milk without sugar in it.

And how to care for hair with milk:
• Prepare one glass of pure milk, mix it with half a cup of water
• Spray the milk liquid evenly throughout the hair, especially hair roots so that the hair healthier and stronger.
• While in the spray, Hair Combs so that liquid milk on hair evenly.
• Let stand for up to 1 hour. Then comb back hair with comb the rift.
• After washing the hair until it is clean. You can also shampoo the hair in order to make it more his own fragrance at once to remove the residual liquid milk.

3. Natural and healthy way of Straightening hair with Celery

The Green colored celery leaves with fragrant aroma is indeed very well known and tested both for the health of the hair. This material is also great for straightening the hair.

How to straighten hair naturally and quickly using simple enough celery leaves. IE:
* Puree a few celery leaves and then mix it with a little water.
* After being such a paste apply this concoction evenly on the hair nutrition so we will make the hair look more beautiful and straight.
* Wrap the hair brush the herb with a cloth or shower cup for one night. In the morning comb hair and rinse with water until clean.

4. Natural and healthy way of Straightening your hair with a Banana

Maybe this time we do not know that bananas contain excellent for nourishing your hair. Bananas in addition to good and bad for consumption turns out to be also good to straighten hair naturally and healthy.

How to do hair care to appear more straight and beautiful with bananas are:
* Prepare some banana milk, select if already cooked and mushy
* Banana fruit Puree, creamed in the way or in a blender.
* Combine the banana blenders of yesteryear with two tablespoons of honey and a little water
* Apply the Herb last on hair evenly
* Let stand for an hour, then after washing dries the hair until it is clean.

5. Natural and healthy way of Straightening hair with Papaya

Papaya is not only good for the health of the skin only. Content of vast gardens also can help straighten your hair to a permanent and durable.

Healthy and natural way of Straightening hair with Papaya ease, IE:
• Prepare and puree papaya and then mix it with a little honey and water
• Apply evenly up to the root of the hair.
• Comb the hair until the material evenly and pervasive.
• Let dive 1 hour and rinse with clean water,
• Use treatments regularly and black hair straight and you will get.

It is very easy not to alter your hair into straight and more beautiful with natural hair straightening by using natural ingredients will avoid the risks that will occur in your hair care. Hair care with natural materials will also make your hair healthier and stronger. and for you who want to straighten your hair using natural ingredients then directly you also save expenses for hair care.

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