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How Salt Diet 7 days lose weight Quickly

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This Salt diet Became very special to be discussed Because this unique Diet Program. Dietary salt is the best Program for the slimming body that is quite easy but challenging because on this diet We Really Avoid salt and sugar in any of our food.
Salt is one of the ingredients or spices that are always present in the cuisine. There’s a diet method that requires that you shouldn’t be eating salt. In addition, you also should not consume sweets and rice. How are you ready to try a Diet without Salt Sugar and rice?
Perhaps many of you will ask me if in this Diet Program we should not Eat Salt in General. Then is there any salt to a Diet that Fits? Salt Diet Buy Where? Are there any benefits of Salt Diet, how to Diet with salt and how long the Weight will go down with this Program is it 7 days/week, 13 days, 1 day, or monthly?
In addition to the Hypertension Sufferers will also ask if this could be Salt diet for hypertension by reducing levels of Loose On salt? For more details Read described by Yuk from the medical world below
6 food Menu salt and sugar Diet lose weight in 7 days a week
Here’s some explanation about the food that you can consume when running diet without salt.
1. Salt Diet with consumption of fruits
The fruit is a food that can provide energy for you. In addition, fruit is also rich in fiber and vitamins that can take care of your health.
2. Salt Diet Sported Steamed Chicken
Steamed chicken is one of those dishes that you can consume for dinner. Remember, do not add salt to foods. And don’t consume in large portions.
3. Salt Diet With sweet tea
Sweet tea is the suitable booster in the morning. Because of the sweet tea is able to paint the energy for you. But do not eat sweet tea after you eat because it can inhibit the absorption of iron.
4. Fried Beefsteak With Salt Diet
Steak can be made of chicken or beef. Do not add salt to this menu, because you should not be eating salt. Steak FRY this could be consumed on the day or night, up to you. Do not be disturbed for the sake of the success of your diet.
5. Salt Diet with boiled eggs
If you feel lethargic or tired, restore your energy by taking two hard boiled eggs at lunch. Remember, do not add salt. This egg is a great source of protein for you.
6. Vegetable Salt to the Diet
You should also consume vegetable to balance Your diet menu. Many vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are needed by your body. Easy vegetable consumption found in the environment around You to ease You through the diet.
that’s the information about the diet without salt which you can try to lower your weight. Don’t forget exercise. Good luck living the Diet without salt, rice, oil and sugar
The 3 Week Diet


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