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Reflexology Points a Toothache And Is More Relaxed (Complete With Pictures)

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Reflexology points a toothache and is more relaxed (complete with pictures)


Let’s continue the discussion thus the only point of reflexology for many common illnesses people complained. Now we will discuss reflexology points for a toothache and point massage that you are more relaxed.

The following is an image of a point massage to relieve the pain of a toothache and to relax the body.



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Have you ever experienced a toothache? A toothache indeed feels very sick and to do whatever feels very uncomfortable, even to sleep and rest seemed very difficult. One way to overcome and reduce pain during dental pain can be done reflexology at some point following.

The point of reflexology for a toothache performed on the face area and on the side that does not hurt. Suppose that tooth pain is then massaged the right side is the face of the left.

Here are some points of reflexology for a toothache:
  1. Point massage which is located at the front corner of the jawbone (point 1 f). Effect: Reduce dental pain and swelling on the face.
  2. Point massage which is located in the cheekbone, in front of the ear hole. (Point 1 g). Effect: Reduce dental pain and pain in the face.
  3. Point massage which is located in front of the elbow, when the elbow bent (point 8 a). Effect: Reduce dental pain and pain in the mouth.

Thus was some point massage reflection for a toothache. Hope can help reduce and even cure your toothache. and henceforth we shall point reflexology material to be more relaxed.



Once we do a full day of activities, must be the body feels tired and in dire need rest. To reduce fatigue and be more relaxed in the rest we can do some massage on reflex points below.

Reflexology point to be more relaxed:
  1. Point massage which is located at the top of the head, the meeting between the line connecting the two ears and a line drawn from the center of the nose (point 1 a). Effects: Increases concentration and balance the mind.
  2. Massage Point located in the middle of the triangle formed by the thumb and index finger bones (point 4 a). Effect: relieve anxiety. Note: Do not press too hard on pregnant women.
  3. Point massage that is located on the wrist in a line with a finger to 5. (point 10 b). Effect: Make your body relax, is a key point of reducing all the anxiety and sleep disorders.
  4. Point massage which is located between tendons, three fingers above the wrist (point 10 a), Effects: Reduces anxiety and relax the body.


While new point massage for a toothache and point massage to be more relaxed. For other diseases complaint, we will continue in the next article. Thank you and may be helpful.

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