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Quick Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

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 Quick Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure or hypertension is a disease rising blood pressure in blood vessels in a period of time long enough. A rise in blood pressure can be caused by a narrowing of the vessels causing fat deposits and other substances – substances.

To find out if someone is exposed to hypertension or not, can be known to pass control of blood pressure. There are two type of blood pressure measurement time heart contradicts, but diastol i.e. blood pressure heart rest or relaxation time. normally, the blood pressure of normal human being that is always between 90 – 120 for systolic and diastolic of 60 – 80 to. When blood pressure exceeds that number, certainly affected by hypertension. control of blood pressure is usually done the doctor wears a tool named shpigmomanometer or known as tensimeters. hypertension can lead to coronary heart disease (pkj) as well as kidney failure. as for factor causes hypertension include heredity, age, the mind often stress, too much eating salt, rarely exercising, and overweight (obesity).

Measures of lowering high blood pressure:

There is no other way that you can do in addition to treating and preventing factors precipitating.

1. High blood pressure Eat fiber rich fruits per day. 
Oranges, apples, and bananas are most fruits are highly recommended for high blood patients. Read the food high in fiber: Vegetables/food that is High in fiber. Green vegetables also help high blood pressure recovery system such as spinach, broccoli, string beans, and chickpeas must exist at list of the daily menu.

2. Do diet high blood pressure. 
First, the dietary consumption of salt (sodium/sodium). Here’s how? Do not put salt on the table eating extra salt to avoid at the time of eating. In addition, specify the content of foods with sodium low. Limit also consuming the meat and cheese and stay away from snack tastes salty. For your hobby of mixing sauces in order to stop the fondness of it.

3. Multiply eating consumption of supplements of potassium/potassium 2-4 grams/day. 
Potassium common in fruits or vegetables like avocados, melons, pare, chayote, bligo, parang, pumpkin, cucumber, Aloe Vera, celery, garlic is a row of fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium-containing.

4. Foods that contain omega 3 
Foods that contain omega 3 can also lower blood pressure and healing hypertension is generally combined with some medications such as diuretics hydrochlorothiazide (hct) tablets and lasix (furosemide). The medicine is the medicine of hypertension that work by stimulating the body’s fluid passing through the expenditure of urine. There are also beta-blockers such as atenolol (tenorim) and capoten (captopril). These medications are used in the control of blood pressure with slow heart and widened (vasodilatory) blood vessels.

How to Lower high blood pressure naturally:

Natural ingredients to treat high blood is indeed cheap and easy to obtain, as it is a vegetable that we encounter daily in the kitchen. such material is none other than garlic and celery. This is not just a cheap way out, because the benefits of vegetables-lowering high blood has been proven by research.

1. Celery Juice:

Celery treat high blood pressure with natural indeed has long been used in traditional Chinese healing. as well as recent studies have proven that drinking celery juice each day throughout a week can help lower blood pressure. This is supported by high potassium, minerals and antioxidants in it. Celery is also known to contain the compound 3-n-butyl-phthalide which relaxes or useful to expand the muscles of the arteries to allow blood to flow more smoothly. pthalides is also an expert can reduce stress hormones that can cause blood vessels to constrict.

Take celery that had been washed clean to taste together with water to cook one glass to blend. Lift up the celery mixture already in the blender with water and killings of the strain. Drink celery juice filtered the 1 time 1 day after breakfast. but remember, before the moment of drinking with regular celery juices this, we recommend that you identify your blood tensi. then after you do it for 1-2 weeks, check your blood tensi again and stop when blood pressure has returned to normal.

2. Garlic:

Natural materials wear garlic to lower high blood not without reason, because the compound alisin on garlic handy to expand as well as avoid blood clotting, the cause of the hypertension. the character of other garlic is good to avoid high blood fat and destroy its capability i.e. lower content of bad cholesterol (ldl).

How to consume garlic as lowering high blood:

most good benefits of garlic for the sake of consumption time is still in fresh condition. his pace, take 3 garlic cloves that have been peeled and washed clean, mashed until smooth then squeezed with water to taste, then the water is drunk. quite done 3 times a day. or more easy steps i.e. eat soon cloves garlic 3 seed that has the exact NET, eaten in unison with the rice. most good benefits from garlic that is present on the onion lanang (men), i.e. a single clove garlic. but the onion is rare, generally there are among other garlic.

Note: “when the steps above all natural 2 weeks can’t lower your high blood pressure, chances are there are other causes that need to be addressed first. Therefore you consult a specialist to handle your high blood”.

The following tips avoid high blood pressure:

1. reduce the food too much have a salt content (too salty)
2. reduce smoke and consume alcohol
3. stay away from thoughts that outrageously stress
4. the diligent exercise
5. consume food in a balanced way
6. multiply consume fruit and vegetable

Source : http://nosakit.blogspot,

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