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One More Health Experts Admit The Benefits Of Chocolate To Cure Cough

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One More Health Experts Admit The Benefits Of Chocolate To Cure Cough

Since more than 5000 years ago people have already liked chocolate. Before chocolate is consumed as a food ingredient, chocolate was originally used as a medicine by the people in South America. Based on the latest research proven that eating chocolate can help maintain heart health and circulation at a ripe old age. The expert from the United Kingdom also found that eating chocolate can help thin the blood, thus reducing the risk of blood clotting and blockage of blood vessels.

In fact, only with the fragrant smell of chocolate could help the body fight flu. Antioxidant compounds found in chocolate can be absorbed into the cells of the brain and allegedly can protect the brain from damage caused by degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s.

Doctors at The British National Health Service ‘ also stressed the benefits of chocolate to help prevent coughing. By taking a piece of dark chocolate (dark chocolate) that contain theobromin, then can help treat or alleviate chronic coughs.

Theobromin is a compound that naturally occurs in milk, coconut, and dark chocolate. Levels of theobromin is directly related to the content of cocoa in chocolate. Theobromin content in milk chocolate are also capable of pressing the itching in the throat due to coughing. That’s why, when drinking chocolate milk, in addition to taste good, be relaxes the muscles of the Airways in the lungs.

Actually this is not the theobromin content discovery of new things. Theobromin utilized due to the effects of stimulants, such as caffeine in coffee and tea in the teofilin. However, various research has shown about the use of the theobromin as a new way. Theobromin is considered more effective in treating cough than codeine, which is often used in cough medicine.

Based on research conducted by ‘ The National Heart and Lung Institute ‘ London, theobromin is also known to be able to deter the next stop sensory nerve reflex cough. Power owned theobromin stimulant can be relaxes the muscles of the Airways in the lung, as well as potentially helping asthma and chronic pulmonary disease.

Therefore, to help stop a cough or chronic cough attacks suddenly, it is advisable to eat dark chocolate that has a high cocoa content percentage as a cough suppressant. However, more research is still required to prove the theobromin can be used to cure cough.

As reported in The Sun, Friday (13/1/2016), a recent study reveals how back in patients taking the drug-based chocolate significantly recover from coughs within two days.

Studies involving 163 patients this plan will be published in the journal next year. Researchers at Imperial College in London
noted, theobromine, and alkaloid in chocolate may relieve coughs, womb is even better than codeine in cough medicine, materials.

“We believe, chocolate can form a protective layer over the throat nerve endings that trigger to stop coughing,” write the researchers.

However, doctors do not currently recommend dark chocolate as a substitute for cough medicine. Cough that lived more than a week must be promptly sent to the doctor, as it could just be a symptom of pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, lung cancer, tuberculosis, heart failure, or a variety of other health problems that require further handlers. Need to also keep in mind, theobromin still have side effects. As the caffeine in coffee, theobromin side effects could cause difficulty/can’t sleep, body shaking, restless, restless, and a lot of pee. In addition, the side effects that could be posed namely loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, or headache.

Like the advice that we often hear, do not consume anything in excess amounts, including dark chocolate. The content of sugar and/or calories contained in a piece of chocolate can cause weight gain, especially when consumed in excess amounts.

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