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Make Homemade Natural Diabetes Medicine

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Make Homemade Natural Diabetes Medicine

Natural diabetes drugs – Diabetes or ordinary Indonesian people to call with diabetes, is a disease caused by a lack of insulin, this is because because the body is unable to use insulin. If the disease is not treated immediately it will cause signs such as weight loss. the characteristic features such as blurred vision, poor healing wounds, headaches and itchy.

If getting ignored the bad effects of this disease can pose the risk of complications of the disease long enough. For that will provide some natural diabetes drugs of traditional natural ingredients that you can make at home. Here are some diabetes medications that you can use

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1. Noni

Noni fruit contains a lot of Proxeroni which is a substance that can form the alkaloid that serves to open the pores of cells, so it will be easy to absorb nutrients into the body. Ability is what makes noni good enough to be used as a diabetes drug. how

Take 1 noni
Then blend, then squeeze the juice
Add water or noni extract into a glass
If you can not stand the taste and the smell, you can also add a little honey


2. Treating diabetes with turmeric

Turmeric is very easily found around us. Therefore, this could be a natural diabetes medications the easiest to use. Because the plants are already familiar with this one, then the turmeric can be used as an alternative solution to treat diseases of the blood sugar or diabetes. How to use it.

take 1 turmeric and add a half teaspoon of salt.
Then boiled in one liter of water to boiling water.
Strain the cooking water and allow to cool.
After a cold, drink enough water decoction of turmeric is only half a glass.
Take regularly twice in one week.
In this way, the blood sugar levels of diabetics will be stabilized so as to prevent complications of other diseases.


3. Treating diabetes with plants gods crown

Herbs are more able to handle diabetes is a plant of the gods crown. Even the plant crown god popularity lately more rises because the benefits are so important in the treatment of various diseases. To treat diabetes with the plant crown god is also not difficult.

Prepare 3 to 5 pieces of stalk crops crown of the gods.
Then add 3 bay leaves and wash thoroughly.
Boil 3 cups of water use and continue to boil until the water boiled so that left only half a glass.
Drink boiled water every day so that diabetes can be overcome.
You can try the tips to make this natural diabetes medication at home.


4. basil leaves

Basil is a natural plant that can overcome the problem of diabetes. Basil leaves are used as vegetables and commonly eaten with sauce. And more wisdom did again, basil paired with catfish will definitely be very tempting. But behind it, the benefits of basil leaves can also be used to treat the blood sugar disease. Basil has a content that can help the process of secretion of insulin in the body, so the blood sugar levels will remain stable. How to eat them even as usual and fairly used as vegetables. Because basil is consumed in a raw state, then make sure cleanliness is maintained.


5. Beans

Beans also one diabetes drug is quite effective dry. this is because the B-sitosterol content of the bean can accelerate the production of insulin in the body, yet maintain normal insulin remains in the body. Beans diabetes drug could reduce blood sugar if you can process them properly. Here’s how to create a natural diabetes drug from Beans:

Prepare 1/2 kg which has been washed
Then use the boiled beans in 2 cups of water.
After boiling the beans lift and insert it into the glass.
The natural herb drinks in the morning and at night before bed.
If you do not want to be bothered, you can eat it raw or make beans as a juice, but do not add sugar.

That to 5 natural ingredient that can be utilized as a natural diabetes medicine, which is cheaper and safer because it does not harm. Hopefully helpful, and thank you

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