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How To Lose Weight Quickly at Home With an Easy Exercise

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How To Lose Weight Quickly at Home With an Easy Exercise


if you feel they have excess weight, the gym is a great place for you to visit in addition to the diet.

But visit the fitness center is not a thing that can be done by everyone. There are many obstacles that can hinder a person that does not have the time to do the exercises in the gym.


and That, Exercise Weight Loss Easy in Do At Home

If you include people who can not always go to the gym, then do the exercises at home.

The gym is not the only place that could help to accelerate the process of weight loss because you can still do it at home provided with proper exercise.

So, like what type of exercise to lose weight that we can do at home? Here are


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1. Push Up


Movement is very familiar. Position your body to lie face down, and strengthen the hands and feet.

After that, lift your body until parallel to the floor. Lower your body back to the floor and do it repeatedly.


2. Squats


This one sport can also be done without using any tools. Simply by placing the hands over the head and then slowly lower your body into a sitting position with the arms parallel to the front.

Try to do this movement quickly with the help of the balance of the hand.


3. Sit Up (Crunches)


Burn fat in the abdomen is very effective if done with sit ups. Lay your body on the floor and place hands behind his head.

Slowly, lift your head, waist, and your body into a sitting position and be right back in a sleeping position.


4. Stair climb


Actually, exercise for weight loss at home can also be done with small things, such as climb stairs.

No need to look for a high ladder, just to familiarize yourself up several flights of stairs that were found in the home or office.

If the size of the ladder just a little, so you can do with the movement back and forth for several times count.


5. Spot Jogging

Jogging is a sport that type of cardio that is very effective in losing weight. For inside the home, you can use a treadmill.

But if this is not possible, then choose an area in your home that is quite extensive and allows you to run in place. Do this as if you use the treadmill.


6. Dance


Dance is an activity that seems fun but it can also help to lose weight. This is because the body’s movement demanding dance moves as a whole so that fat burning will be global as well.

If you want to do in the house, be sure to move all the furniture in the room. After that, play music and shake your body.


7. Skipping


Skipping or jump rope is also quite fun to do. You just find a place that is not too extensive as in the garden, terrace or balcony then do this jump rope.


8. Dips


To perform this exercise, you just resting on a table, chair, bed, or other objects that can withstand the pressure.

After that, your body position such as when doing push-ups and by relying on such objects, rather than on the floor.


Well, that’s some weight loss exercise at home is very easy to do. Be sure to apply it on a regular basis so that the weight loss process are you can live satisfying.


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