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How To Lose Weight 10 kg In One Week Naturally

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How to lose weight 10 kg in 1 week can be done by any person and not something that is impossible. Moreover, nowadays there are a variety of methods that can be taken to reduce weight quickly either through medicine or naturally. the market itself there are a great many types of products which are sold but surely we must be alert because not a few weight-lowering drugs said the potent and safe but the fact that the result is not proven, it gets worse again there which give rise to new problems and side effects for health.


if so then the natural way is the best solution to get the ideal body weight. The natural way many have people who are obese because not only safe to use too potent weight loss. indeed in this way is not easy it takes perseverance and consistent in running, but if want to try to lose weight 10 kg in one week is not impossible to obtain.
In the weight loss program, everyone certainly has a target each instance went down 10 kg within a week. This target can be achieved with a few special steps naturally but the safe and healthy body. In General, be it woman or man in order to get the slim body willingly do a variety of different ways to lose weight. This is done for the sake of keeping their appearance and increases their confidence especially those working with the emphasis on appearance.
Tips lose weight 10 kg naturally with how to set up a diet for a week
So that weight can be dropped quickly then you must set the pattern to eat appropriately. You can start with a breakfast menu with food consume 300-400 calories. for example, with 100 grams of rice Plus one bowl of vegetable and fish 1 pieces.
* on the first day to consume food that is healthy and light, such as fruits.
* on the second day of a lot of consuming healthy and fresh vegetables.
* on the third day to combine both by consuming fruits and vegetables only.
* on the fourth day of the pan and eating dairy only.
* on the fifth day of eating a bowl of rice add a little tomato.
* on the sixth day of vegetable diet and at lunch time consume small rice bowl.
* and on the seventh day of eating a bowl of rice is small and all the vegetables you like and to remove toxins in your body can drink fruit juice.
Avoid fatty foods
Avoid fast food that contains a lot of fat are harmful to the health of one way that weight 10 kg in a week. reduce consume your favorite snack foods change with fruit, wholemeal crackers cheese low fat in unison, roasted vegetables or boiled potatoes to make replacements.
Sufficient water needs
Whitewater is indeed good for health, in addition to white water can help both men and women to lose weight. Therefore the need for adequate water needs by drinking at least 10 glasses per day. then avoid the kind of sweet drinks that contain artificial sweeteners.
Drank The Green
Green tea contains catechin highest and antioxidants that can accelerate calorie burning. drinking green tea regularly can make weight loss be reduced or dropped.
Exercise is indeed healthy by exercising the body will sweat so as to burn the fat in the body which makes the weight down. You can do sports such as
running, cycling, gyms etc. try every day doing activities that may issue sweat so as to burn the fat in the body.
In conducting all activities to run smoothly and the results are as expected then need to focus. Similarly, in the process of weight loss, you have to focus and not be tempted by anything so that weight can fall as quickly as desired.
So the tips on how to lose weight 10 kg in a week naturally. hope the above info can be useful to help you get the ideal slim body with a secure, quick and healthy.
The 3 Week Diet


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