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Learn About The Foods That Can Prevent Breast Cancer

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Learn About The Foods That Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Learn about the foods that can prevent breast cancer – suffer from breast cancer is one of the problems that many women face, especially a lot of attack even at a young age on pregnant women can affect milk production produced for the baby. In addition, breast cancer is due to genetic factors, carcinogens, and also patterns of life and good eating.

By doing diet and also unhealthy life pattern, greatly influence the development and growth of breast cancer cells. In addition, it was also familiarize with the sport no good can also accelerate the growth of cancer cells. However, it should be beware by consuming food – healthy food and also raid against breast cancer cells. The following foods that can prevent breast cancer.

A wide range of preparations of soy bean-like edamame, tofu, soy milk rich in Phytoestrogens. According to the National Cancer Institute from a in the United States found that women who consume soy beans is very helpful to eliminate cancer cells in his body especially breast cancer.

According to a study saying that a woman who has been consuming polyunsaturated fatty acids are not spared from cancer cells exposed to risk in women. Fish such as salmon, and tuna contain beneficial as a barrier to the growth of breast cancer cells.

A specialist Oncology, Tara Whyand explains that by consuming fruit tomatoes that contain lyopene that can help eliminate and also reduce breast cancer cells with a maximum. Therefore, a woman had better advised to consume tomatoes with regular.

Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables has antioxidant and vitamin content is also very high very useful and beneficial to inhibit and also against attacks breast cancer cells. Vitamins found in fruits and vegetables is the form of vitamin A, vitamin E, and Folic as well.

Cruciferous vegetables
These vegetables contain glucosinolate generated can have a very important role for the body especially can attack cancer cells and also reduces the growth of breast cancer cells with a maximum. These vegetables are included in the group such as garlic, onions, and cabbage as well.

Green vegetables
This green leafy vegetables contain lutein and zeaxanthin which may also prevent the growth and also against attacks breast cancer cells properly. In addition, green vegetables are also useful for maintaining the balance of the body and metabolism.

Olive oil
The content of antioxidants and phytonutrients, also by the existence of the content has a very important role for the health of the body. the content is useful to reduce oxidation in the body that can cause free radicals and may also trigger cancer cells in his body.

According to a study, fitokomia on blueberri teamed up to stop the growth and spread of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), which is one form of breast cancer that is more complicated than other types.

In a study conducted on rats, researchers found that turmeric is able to prevent the spread of breast cancer to the lungs.

Green Tea
Research shows that drinking green tea regularly can lower the risk of breast cancer and prevent its spread when the cancer has grown. This is because a compound found in green tea called EGCG.

Some studies show that garlic can destroy cancer cells when it conducted tests on meat. Research has found that cooking meat with garlic may reduce carcinogenic chemicals in the meat, which can cause breast cancer.

Broccoli contains indole-3-carbinol, chemicals that fight breast cancer by means of changing the type of cancer-causing estrogen into estrogen types that are able to protect themselves from cancer.

As with broccoli, cauliflower is a source of indole-3-carbinol.

Cabbage and other vegetables all contain crucifera glukosinolat a very potent against the cancer.

Tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene, which has been famous for being able to lower their risk of breast cancer.

Avocado is rich in oleic acid, which through much research revealed can prevent cancer.

Red Wine
If consumed in moderation, red wine believed to lower the risk of breast cancer. But consume alcoholic type more than two glasses per day may increase the risk of cancer, so that enough limitation is the key.

Juice Pomegranate (Pomegranate)
A promising research in Israel showed that Pomegranate juice can destroy breast cancer cells and does not interfere with the healthy cells. Pomegranate juice is also capable of preventing the formation of a new breast cancer cells.

Flax Seed Oil
Flax seed contains high levels of Lignans, which can help prevent cancer.

A study found that women who consume the spinach at least twice a week, just half of the experience of breast cancer than those who do not consume the spinach.

The research found that fruit grapefruit can inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cells.

Kelp is a type of seaweed (Brown algae of the Group). A study at UC Berkeley found that a diet high in kelp can decrease serum estradiol levels in women and has a phytoestrogenic properties.

Sea vegetables also contain chlorophylones, a fatty acid that may help in the prevention of breast cancer. In addition, the kelp also contains fucoidan, which have been found in the study can induce apoptosis (cell death) of cancer cells.

Study on rats found that a compound in cherries, especially the darker colored, can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.

that’s to the 22 foods that can prevent the disease believe in breast cancer. In addition because of hereditary factors, breast cancer is also often caused by unhealthy life pattern. As too often consume fast food, or too much consume MSG may also be the cause of a disease affected by breast cancer. Prevent is better than cure, so from now on let us always keep healthy life pattern every day. Regular exercise function to dispose of toxins in the body, regular exercise will also increase the durability of a body that would be able to prevent disease that might come at any time.

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