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Identify the Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus Type According

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Identify the Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus Type According

Diabetes are often also referred to as diabetes or blood sugar disease is one type of chronic diseases that have a sign early in the form of increased sugar levels in the blood due to the metabolic system disorders in the body”.

This Diabetes while it cannot yet be cured. However, blood sugar levels can still be in control to prevent things that are worse. Diabetes occurs due to the lack of insulin, insulin is a substance produced by the pancreas to process blood sugar (glucose) into energy so that it can. However, food consumption is not going to help, because the sugar in the blood remains cannot be processed into energy normally, even simply applied will continue to increase. These events are called Hyperglycemia, i.e. the buildup of glucose in the blood.

Recognize early on about diabetes is an initial step and an opportunity for you to take control of your blood sugar can even to prevent the onset of diabetes in your body. To detect people with diabetes whose main is to do blood sugar checks on a regular basis. Sugar levels with an examination after the above 126 fasting blood sugar and with an examination at any time above 200 is called diabetes.

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Some of the classic symptoms that are already common in naturally by people with diabetes include: frequent urination, frequent thirst and hunger, as well as body limp and frequent drowsiness. Symptoms of the disease Diabetes Mellitus Recognize symptoms of diabetes type one in children isn’t always easy because its symptoms are often misconstrued interpret as the flu. In addition the symptoms that arise sometimes emerging after the disease runs quite long.

Early symptoms of Diabetes type 1

Children with type 1 diabetes usually have early symptoms as follows:

1. Frequent urination
This happens because the kidneys like to clean the excess glucose in the blood circulation. As a result Children are so much more frequent urination and in large numbers. Bedwetting can also be a symptom of the presence of diabetes, especially if the child does not have a habit of bedwetting before.

2. Often Thirsty and drinking lots of
Because a lot of fluid that is issued to clean excess glukoasa, children become easy. and if not enough then the cairana will be increasingly weak body condition

3. Body weight Decreased
The body is no longer able to process glucose for energy and begins to break down muscle and fat reserves to produce energy for cells that are hungry. Therefore even though appetite normal child but her weight is difficult to ride.

4. Easily fatigued
The children seemed exhausted because his body is not able to process glucose into energy. so the energy is at the disposal of the child will be quickly depleted and not according to what he is consuming.

The Symptoms Of Advanced-Stage Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes generally occurs in children and teenagers although basically can occur at any age. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type can occur at any age and can often be prevented.

1. Weight down with a quick
Don’t be happy just yet if your weight down quickly. If you are a diabetic. Perhaps this is not caused because a successful diet, but more because the pancreas started malfunctioning. The pancreas has the task of producing insulin that is used to process glucose into energy sources. Because the pancreas in diabetics fail to process sugars into energy, then there was insulin resistance. The body will then be looking for alternative sources of energy by burning fat reserves in the body. If the fat reserves depleted, then the next goal is muscle. As a result the weight of the body will continue to shrink. So the weight would be decreases drastically

2. Frequent Tingling
These symptoms occur because of damaged blood vessels, so blood flowing in the extreme – any nerve endings decreases.

3. a difficult Wound healed
This is another effect of the blood vessel and nerve damage in addition to tingling. This resulted in damage diabetics won’t feel the pain if injured. They even sometimes unknowingly have been wounded. Combined high blood sugar levels and the absence of pain, then cuts the originally small can grow up to be ulcers and even rot. If it has been up to this point, amputation was the only way out or solution to cure it.

Diabetes Symptoms In Women

There are several symptoms of diabetes specialist in natural women however often they don’t realize it. Then symptoms such as anything that usually attend?

Below are some of the symptoms that you can have to beware and immediate consultations to physicians, including the following:

*. Vaginal infection characterized by whitish repeatedly, despite getting treatment.
* Women who have diabetes are more easily affected by yeast infection in the area of sex organs because the area is experiencing kelambaban is high enough.
* Experiencing hormonal function disorder due to blood flow is not smooth.
* Polycystic ovarian syndrome are likely to experience. Hormonal balance is disturbed that will interfere with the reproductive system.
* Trigger diabetes, too, usually found in women who experience depression.
* Have high cholesterol levels than men

After we get to know and understand the different types of diabetes, it’s time for us to get to know and understand the causes of diabetes in this case the cause of diabetes mellitus according diabetesnya. Each type of diabetes mellitus have causes and triggers and can not be confused with each other.

Maybe you’re confused as to why and how can parents and children can be affected by diabetes?. What is the cause of this deadly disease that enough?. To get the answer please follow the reviews below.

The cause of Diabetes mellitus type 1

As we explained in the previous article about diabetes type 1, we know that type 1 diabetes this happens because of the inability of the pancreas organ in producing the hormone insulin. The inability of insulin production is generally occur because of damage to the pancreas organ.

Then what is the cause of the destruction of the pancreas organ?. There are several causes, diantaranaya:

1. Due to genetic factors
That is an organ of the pancreas is damaged due to the body’s own immune system to specifically attack and damage the cells of the pancreas. Error messages from the immune system occur genetically or derivative. So when your core families affected by diabetes, then there is a chance for you to potentially teridap diabetes. But you need to know that the terangsangnya genetic factors strongly influenced by environmental factors. So long as you can control the environment factors, inshallah You do not need to worry too much. Banyak-banyaklah You pray to God to be kept away from this chronic disease.

2. Certain viral infections
The presence of certain viral infections on the pancreas is very potential to rus
aknya cells of the pancreas. As a result the insulin production become very limited or even absent altogether.

Causes of type 2 Diabetes

Based on the explanation in the previous article about the types of diabetes, we know that type 2 diabetes mellitus occurs as a result of it not the body to utilize the hormone insulin resistance has occurred because of the body’s response to the hormone. The organ of the pancreas in people with type 2 diabetes are still functioning normally in producing the hormone insulin hormone produced however could not be utilized by the body so sugar can’t get into the cells and builds up in the blood.

Type 2 diabetes typically occurs in adult circles unlike type 1 which mostly occurs in children and adolescents. Then what is the cause of diabetes mellitus type 2 is this?.

Health experts have explained that many penyeba type 2 diabetes is due to a combination of genetic factors and environmental factors.

1. Genetic factors or descent
Many type 2 diabetics have family members who also have type 2 diabetes or other health problems related to diabetes, such as high blood cholesterol, hypertension, or obesity. For genetic factors is very difficult to be eliminated. All we can do is with our controlling environmental factors as contributing factors to the rise of stimulant genetic factors.

During environmental factors we can control, InshaAllah we will be freed from this deadly disease.

2. Environmental factors
Environmental factors that greatly affect a person’s potential for developing diabetes is eating patterns and patterns of life are ugly. Eating patterns are familiar with foods that contain lots of fat and calories very high potential to increase the risk of diabetes.

As for the ugly life pattern is a pattern of life that is irregular and stressful such psychological stress that prolonged feelings of worry and fear are exaggerated and far from spiritual values is believed to be the biggest factor for someone easy developing severe disease or severe diabetes either other. In addition to the low fising activities also potentially to someone contracted the disease diabetes.

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