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How to treat lungs Naturally Wet Quickly and Easily

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How to treat lungs Naturally Wet Quickly and Easily

Bronchitis or commonly referred to as wet lung disease is the inflammation that occurs in the Airways to the lungs. Light can be classified if the sufferer of this disease do not have a disease like other chronical disease of the lungs or the heart. Bronchitis can be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies, smoke coming out of a strong acid, air pollution, tobacco, etc. Some people say that staying out outside the home until late at night can also be a cause, let alone while driving. Similarly, sleep without plinth and are often located in humid environments.

To know someone affected by bronchitis usually doctors examine the physical condition and symptoms experienced by the patient. While in a State of chronic, x-ray photographs needed to know lung damage.

Common symptoms of lung disease Wet

-Shortness of breath, even with little motion only.
-Cough sputum removing, sometimes reddish colored
-Easily exposed to the flu
-Easily tired
-Swelling of the feet and legs
-Disturbances in vision, etc.

How To Treat Wet Lungs Naturally

Treating bronchitis can be done by taking medication given by doctors in the form of a recipe. But here we will discuss tips to make potions to treat lung disease wet with traditional materials that easily you get. [More: Natural Remedies For All Types Of Coughs]

Treating lung disease wet naturally using traditional medicine

1. Plant Physalis/ciplukan.

This plant is easy to find in gardens or fields. Discard fruits, use the other part. After washed, you can merebusnya it to boil. Drinking water is cold when as much as 3 times in a day. Each time you drink as much as 1 Cup. Doing it this way until healed.

2. Skin Peanuts

Provide 27 grams of skin peanuts and brown sugar as necessary. The skin of boiled peanuts until the murky waters. Strain and add brown sugar. This traditional herb drink during the warm up twice in a day. Do like on the leaves pegagan.

3. Flower Shoes

Provide 2 petals Flower shoes and salt to taste. Flower shoes washed, then pounded until fine. Put in a glass of water, add the salt. Strain after winter. This natural medication every morning, noon and night.

Tips To Treat Lung Disease Wet

Medical experts suggest to many a break and meet the body’s fluid intake. Many of the rest does not mean asleep constantly in bed. Avoid work that is too heavy. Don’t drive during nighttime, and avoid sleeping without plinth and clothes. The sufferer of this disease should also avoid vehicle fumes, dust, paint the walls, etc. Now to consider the dangers of smoking, particularly for patients with this disease.

Multiply eating fruit and vegetables, fill the intake of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. If during this way your life is wrong, immediately switch to a pattern of healthy living. Another one not to be missed is the prayer for the healing of disease. All the healing effort we can do, but the decision is not in our hands or doctors. The Lord who heals all your diseases. So, your therapy accompanied with prayers.


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