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How To Overcome The Powerful Black Lips With 9 Natural Ingredients Are Easy To Do

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How To Overcome The Powerful Black Lips With Natural Materials

The appearance is a valuable asset for us. To keep up appearances, the treatment is performed starting from the ends of the hair to toe, one of satuya is the lips, and black lips often becomes an issue not only for women but also men, in addition to look unhealthy also reduces confidence.

Common causes of black lips is the habit of smoking, nicotine causes melanin substance because the lips become thick and black lipstick, besides containing paraffin and heavy metals could cause irritation to the lips and cause lips to black if not cleaned or their use for too long.

How do I minimize the black color on your lips? Here’s how to cope with the black lips with natural ingredients.

1. Lemon
The trick is to make the juice of lemon and lemon juice is applied on the lips. Lemons contain Alpha Hydroxy acid that can lift the dead skin cells on the lips and contains vitamin C which serves to brighten the color of the lips.

2. Honey
Honey is beneficial to moisturize the lips. How by applying directly on the lips. You can also mix honey with lemon juice if your lips including an easy lip irritation.

3. Olive oil
Olive oil is applied on the lips will help reduce the black color on the lips and brighten the color of the lips. The content of Omega 3 and Anti oxidant serves as moisturizing and lifting dead skin cells.

4. Granulated sugar and Limes
Granulated sugar can be a scrub to remove dead skin cells on the lips. How was lime which is divided into two parts, the part in the grapefruit sprinkled with granulated sugar then rub it gently on the lips. If the lip is being hurt or aphthous ulcers should avoid the use of lime and granulated sugar.

5. Butter
Butter contains a lot of oil that could help restore moisture to the lips, besides butter can also brighten the color of the lips. DAB the butter evenly on the lips and repeat on a regular basis in order for maximum results.

6. Coriander leaves
Cilantro has benefits for fades dark color on the lips, do I blend with coriander leaves mixed with a little water, then apply it on the lips, wait a few moments and then clean with clean water.

7. Avocado
Avocado besides it tastes good, you can take advantage of the fruit of the avocado to troubleshoot blackened lips. Do I puree 50 g avocado and mix with olive oil 2-3 drops. Apply evenly on your lips and massage slowly. After bilaslah dries by using warm water.

8. The cucumber
Cucumber in addition serves to overcome the heel of the foot which breaks a dry break and can also cope with the black lips are so bright, that returns with the way smoothes the cucumber and mix a little water juice of lime, then apply it on the lips. Wait approximately 10 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

9. White water
A healthy lips must have enough fluid intake in the body. Make sure your body’s fluids would be sure by consuming the white water in the right amount, namely 2-3 litres a day in order to be a brighter lip color.

Hope the above tips useful, and black lips back beautiful and bright

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