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How To Have Skin Smooth, Soft, Shiny and Healthy

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How To Have Skin Smooth, Soft, Shiny, and Healthy

Method 3: Make a Daily Skin Care Make Start Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Maintain order Not Dull Skin

Sunshine, cold weather, and dry air can damage the texture of the skin so that it becomes rough and dry. Made some changes to routines and everyday lifestyle can soften and tighten the skin over time. Read the methods that you can use to get the skin shiny and healthy as you want.

Method 1 of 3: Make a Daily Skin Care

daily skin care
1.  Rub the skin in dry conditions on a daily basis.

Rub the skin in dry conditions on a daily basis. Rubbing the skin in dry conditions is an ancient peeling technique that aims to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. Rubbing the skin every day will make the skin look brighter and if you continue doing this routine, then your skin will start to look shiny.
• Choose a brush made of natural fibers, not made of plastic bristles. Natural bristles do not feel rough when rubbed on the skin.
• Rub your body with short movements and certainly from the outside of the feet and hands to the chest. Brush the legs, body and arms. Use a softer brush and small to rub the face.
• Rub your skin is always dry conditions and dry brush. Rubbing the skin in wet conditions will not produce the same effect.

2. Flush the body with cold water.

Flush the body with cold water. Rinse skin with cold water, not hot water. If it is not too inconvenient to use cold water, try to use lukewarm water and then gradually use a water cooler. Hot water is hard on the skin and cause skin to become dry and stiff, while the cold water will tighten the skin.
• When washing your face, rinse with cold water, not hot water.
• Use hot water for other purposes. The hot water is good for the soul, but not for the skin.

3. Do not use too much soap

Do not use too much soap. Cleaning products and commercial body exfoliants such as bar soap contains detergents that can dry skin and leave residues that cause skin to look dull. Use soap made from natural oils or unnecessary use soap, and use water only.

4. Moisturize the skin

Moisturize the skin. After the bath, body dry immediately, Dab lotion or moisturizer to the skin to lock in moisture and protect skin from the dry air throughout the day. Try some of the following moisturizer so skin becomes shiny and healthy:
• Coconut oil. This sweet-scented substance will absorb into the skin and gives a beautiful sheen.
• Shea butter. This moisturizer is good for sensitive skin. You can also put it on the lips moisturized.
• Lanolin. Sheep produce lanolin in order to fleece the wool remains soft and dry as well as act as a defense tool that is great against the cold winter air.
•Olive oil. For purposes when skin needs a deep-conditioning treatment, apply olive oil to the entire body and let it soak into the skin for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.
• lotion containing lactic acid are available in drugstores. This lotion makes the skin dry and scaly, becoming feels supple and soft

5. Treatment according to your skin type

Treatment according to your skin type. Some people have skin that is dry and cracked, some of them have oily skin, and those that had the skin a combination of both. Know which parts of the skin that needs special care and make sure your daily routine includes these things.
• Overcome acne scars that are on the face or body with extra care. Avoid rubbing pimply face and do not use harsh soaps or chemicals that worsen the skin condition.
• Eczema, rosacea (skin inflammation), and other problems associated with dry skin should be treated with caution. Use products that do not irritate the skin and if necessary consult your doctor to get a prescription skin care.

Method 2 of 3: Make a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy life style

1 . Start exercising regularly.

Start exercising regularly. Exercise can tighten the skin and improve circulation. Exercise also increases overall health, which looks at the state of the skin. Enter the types of sport following into your routine three or more times per week:
• Cardio exercise as healthy walking, running, biking, or swimming. Exercise is pumping the blood flow and makes the skin look healthier.
• Strength training with weights. Strengthen the muscles of the body will tighten the skin, making it look more refined.
• Yoga and flexibility exercises. Such workouts can tighten and make the skin look tight.

2. Eat a balanced diet

Eat a balanced diet. When you do not get the nutrients it needs, it will show on your skin. Get skin that sparkles with eating fruits, vegetables, foods with lean proteins, and whole grains. Eat foods that are healthy for the skin, including the following:
• Avocados and nuts. These foods contain healthy fats needed to maintain skin elasticity.
• Vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrients. Focus on fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins A, E, and C, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, broccoli, mangoes and blueberries.

3. Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water. Water can raise skin cells and make the skin look fresh and bright. When you are dehydrated, the skin will dry out. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to keep the skin to stay healthy. If you do not like drinking water, the following options will also keep you hydrated:
• Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water such as cucumbers, lettuce, apples, and a variety of berries.
• Herbal teas and other tea types that do not contain caffeine.
• Try drinking a glass of sparkling water with lemon juice as an alternative drink is fresh.

4.  Avoid substances that are harsh to the skin.

Avoid substances that are harsh to the skin. No matter how disciplined you perform routine daily skin care, if you consume such substances that would hinder your dream to get a beautiful skin. Limit or eliminate altogether substances that damage the skin:
• Tobacco. Tobacco stain the skin and cause premature wrinkling. When talking about something that damages the skin, then tobacco is the cause of the worst.
•Alcohol. Too much alcohol can cause the skin to sag, especially around and under the eyes, because it causes the body to hoard water. Limit alcohol consume one or two servings several times per week.
•Caffeine. Eating too many caffeinated beverages will cause the body to become dehydrated, which will be detrimental to the skin. Limit consumption of one cup of coffee per day and continue to drink a large glass of water.


Method 3 of 3: Begin Habits to Maintain order Not Dull Skin


maintain skin

1. Use sunscreen every day

Use sunscreen every day. Exposure to the sun can make your skin tan for a while, it can damage your skin in the long run. Let sunburn or tan during the summer can lead to wrinkles, black spots, and the possibility of skin cancer. 

• Put sunscreen on the face before leaving the house, even in cold weather.
• Use sunscreen on the neck, shoulders, chest, arms, and other parts of the skin that tend to be exposed to sunlight. When wearing shorts or going to the beach, make sure you also put sunscreen on your knees.

2. Do not wear makeup while sleeping

Do not wear makeup while sleeping. Leaving makeup stick to the face all night making the skin becomes damaged, because you let the chemicals absorbed into the skin throughout the night. In the morning, your skin really have to absorb the makeup and the situation may become worse. Use makeup remover and rinse residues with cold water or lukewarm each night before bed. 

• Do not rub the face that there are makeup, because it can cause irritation and skin damage. Use makeup remover nice and dry with pat face with a towel.
• Try to how to remove eye makeup following: Rub eyelashes and eye area with a cotton bud that has been spiked with Vaseline. The makeup will be removed immediately. Wash your face which still contained residual Vaseline when it is finished.

3. Protect your skin from the elements that are hard.

Protect your skin from the elements that are hard. Hardened skin is a result of exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and rough material. Keep the skin to keep it soft and sensitive with the following precautions:
• Wear gloves during cold weather to keep the hands from being cracked. Protect your body with proper warm clothing.
• Wear gloves when doing the cleaning job using strong chemicals.• Protect your skin in order to avoid callus (callus) using kneepads, heavy work clothes and proper safety equipment when working in harsh conditions.
Tips• Use lotion every day.
• Wash your face during morning and evening for two minutes with cold water.
• Do not sleep with makeup that is still attached to the face.

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