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How To Drink Lemon Water A Powerful For Weight Loss

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How To Drink Lemon Water A Powerful For Weight Loss

Many women still confused looking for the right way to lose weight but still fun. If possible do I also don’t get to torture and exhausting.

Most diets do seem way too heavy and make people bored. As a result, the problem of weight loss still haunts and into the same resolutions every year.

Have you tried diet by drinking lemon water?

Potent lemon juice to help lose weight. In Japan even Jogakuen University suggest that everyone who is having problems with weight loss routine to consume. No need to be afraid of esophageal ulcer, lemon though it feels safe is a beneficial natural therapies address the ulcer.

So the results are effective, follow a few instructions following yuk.

Tips 1.

Mix lemon juice with warm water, given a bit of honey so that it feels not too sour and consumed while warm. This lemon got the benefits of diuretic that can help address the problem of kidney and liver so that fat perverse not to interfere with the function of internal organs.

Tip 2.

Change Your habit of drinking a soft drink or coffee mix with lemon juice. Subtract the extra sugar in it anyway so that the number of calories remain balanced. Be sure to also drink enough water so that it functions more lemon.

Tips 3.

Save the piece of lemon in the water in the bottle. Combine with mint leaves and let stand in the refrigerator overnight. Infuse the lemon water is ready to be enjoyed by the next morning.

Tips 4.

Drinking lemon water 15-20 minutes before eating to keep my appetite stays under control.


Though powerful help lose weight, do not only consume the occasional lemon juice just a day. Your body still needs the nutrients from other foods so you must mix match with other nutritious menu as well.

Source : Vemale,com

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