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Here’s How To Cope With Stress While Pregnant

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Here’s How To Cope With Stress While Pregnant
Pregnancy may be is one of the toughest time for women.

Some of the activities that the relaxation is probably not a good thing done while pregnant.

Dr. Mary Kimmel of Perinatal Psyhiatry Inpatient Unit at the Faculty of medicine, University of North Carolina, as quoted from page LiveScience, says there are some things that make stress while pregnant, one of them coming from outside.

For example, a chat that makes women worry about the development of the janinnya, or she feels pregnancy affect her relationship with a partner.

Factor in, such as hormonal changes also affect stress while pregnant. The hormone cortisol, or what is known as the stress hormone, increases while pregnant, said Kimmel.

Hormones related to appetite can change as the process of digestion.

Not to mention the body fatigue or pain in the spine as gestational age can also create stress. How to solve it?

The most important thing in dealing with stress while pregnant is to identify the trigger, to understand the changes that can increase stress.

“Good things to myself,” said Kimmel.

Pregnant women, according to him, should be able to treat yourself well and don’t regret later on. Cravings, for example, pregnant women should understand dirinua can have it at any time.

Nothing wrong with that, said Kimmel, eat something that is desirable as long as within the limits of reasonable and not regret afterwards.

An Alternative To Relax

Consult a doctor than to get support, as well as to prepare mentally. The condition of depression before or after childbirth, according to Kimmel, can be overcome.

Pregnant women must find other activities that can make him relax, breath exercises such as in or read a book.

He must determine the priority activities that can make him feel relaxed, when powerful walk, do, said Kimmel.

Keep yourself active according to Kimmel can control stress. It is important for pregnant women provide time to do activities they like.

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