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Diarrhea? This is a Cause and Handling

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Diarrhea? This is a Cause and Handling


You or people around you may never even frequently experience diarrhea. Actually why the ordinary person has diarrhea and how to provide first aid to people affected by Daire? Here I will discuss a little about these things.

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Diarrhea, according to Indonesian dictionary is a disease with symptoms of diarrhea; have diarrhea. Quoting from www.mediskus, com, diarrhea occurs when foods and liquids you eat passes too quickly and / or too large in number in the gastrointestinal tract (gut). Normally, the colon will absorb fluids from the food you eat, and leave droppings (feces) semisolid. But when the liquid from the food you eat is not absorbed, then the result is feces (stool) or aqueous liquid. Diarrhea may also be associated with viral or bacterial infection and sometimes the effects of food poisoning. Meanwhile, quoting from www.alodokter, com, generally causes diarrhea is as follows.

  1. The side effects of certain drugs,
  2. Psychological factors such as anxiety,
  3. Consumption of alcohol and excessive coffee.

In the meantime, if you have diarrhea, as a first aid you can do the things below.
1. Drink lots of water due to frequent bowel then the body will lose a lot of fluid.
2. Each drinks water after defecating and give orality or diarrhea.
3. If you do not have a cure, it can be replaced with water that has been mixed with sugar and salt.
4. Eating foods that are low in fiber such as oatmeal with a side dish of salted egg.
5. Avoid foods containing chili and pepper.
6. Enough rest.
7. Take medications at the proper dosage.
If you have diarrhea, you certainly do not want to if people around you are also feeling diarrhea anyway. Back quotes from www.alodokter, com, here are some ways to prevent diarrhea from spreading to people around you.
1. If staying a house, make sure the patient avoids the use of towels or eating utensils together with other family members.
2. Cleaning the toilet with disinfectant after each bowel movement.
3. Remain in the home at least 48 hours after the last period of diarrhea.
4. Washing hands after using the toilet or before eating and before preparing food.

Thereby. May be useful for you. Greetings healthy! ^^

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