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You Definitely Surprised, Turns Many Myths and Fatal Mistakes in Diet to Lose Weight Diet.

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The 3 Week Diet

You Definitely Surprised, Turns Many Myths and Fatal Mistakes in Diet to Lose Weight.

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Many people who fail in weight loss programs. “Fail” is a very scary thing in this world, especially for women who want to carry out a program to lose weight quickly. Much money they spend to buy diet program, best diet, make a diet plan for women, exercise to lose weight, do a low-fat diet, food diet and many more sacrifices they made to get the ideal body shape.

pity is not it? has a lot of money that is issued, time and effort that he gave up to lose weight, but the results he gets are often incompatible with the sacrifice. then, what is wrong with them?

knowledge!! yeah, maybe a lot of them who do not understand fully plan their diets. Because diet or step to reduce weight is not completely tortured. If you know a lot a fun way, which is more effective and faster in reducing weight, certainly the results are permanent. “If you want to know we will provide the information !!”

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on this occasion, we would like to give some hints, about some of the myths and fatal errors that are often done dieters to reduce their weight. Maybe some will surprise you. And enlighten yourself that this was a mistake that I do so fail in losing weight.

And here, TOP 10 myths and fatal mistake in doing dieters to lose weight.


# 1 – starve

If much food can gain weight, then with a little portion of the food can lose weight. When hunger has been felt, we will try to resist hunger and then put off eating.

“In fact” hunger makes one’s body metabolism decreases so that the fat burning becomes blocked, feeling sluggish and less fit daily because it can also cause your energy to decrease. Hunger is also a signal that the stomach is empty and blood sugar has thinned as the brain needs it. If passed, it will cause a person to feel dizzy. As is the case with people who are only 1 or 2 meals a day in order to lose weight. The recommended is to eat 5 to 6 times a day, 3 times to eat normally, and 3 snacks to boost metabolism.


# 2 – Skipping Breakfast

Whether intentional or because it did not have time, or not used to breakfast, good habits are often overlooked and often occurs around us. Especially for those who are looking to lose weight quickly.

“Whereas” breakfast is the meal that is very important for a person’s body. When you sleep for 8 hours without nutrients, our bodies need nutrition at the breakfast time, as well as our energy needs to face our daily activities. By skipping breakfast time causes our body catabolic state in which the body will try to meet the energy needs to take it from the muscles. And worse, people who skip breakfast, it will feel very hungry during the day, and this triggers eating more than the recommended portion, and eventually even your weight will be increased.


# 3 – A strict diet surely succeed

Many people who want change in body shape to perform in the extreme diet. To get the ideal body weight in a short time. For example, in one day eating a fruit or salad, or a glass of milk proteins.

“In fact” Diets that are too tight, tend to have a great potential to be broken. When you break the rules of the diet. You know why many people fail in the diet? Yes, they are not to impose what they believe can be done. So instead they will get the failure. So this kind of diet is not very effective for those of you who want permanent weight loss.


# 4 – Want to skinny? Sports should be long

It is also a mistake that was intolerable because of a lack of understanding of the proper ways to lose weight.

“In fact” The longer the sport, does not make you a faster thinner. Sometimes, the reason is also used by some people for lazing with exercise. Even if you are very busy people, certainly there is always time to burn more calories and fat optimally. In fact, only 10-20 minutes any time you can exercise to lose weight, with movements that are already proven effective in burning fat or body shape.

Weight loss will be successful if you can make changes gradually in your lifestyle and consistent. This change should not be extreme but do it gradually and constantly. If only done occasionally, the result would not be maximized. The changes referred to restart more frequently walking or cycling every weekend accompanied by eating healthier foods. Another fun activity, such as playing with children, dancing, or gardening can also be considered a healthy activity


# 5 – Carbohydrate Diet

Many people want to lose weight fast by not eating rice, but consuming noodles, potatoes, yams, cassava, bread in large quantities. of course, this will not affect your weight.

“In fact” Carbohydrates are important for energy production in the body. You can move, walk, move because of the energy that allowed God to flow into the blood. The form of compounds called glucose.

Reducing the amount of carbohydrate that is good, as far as you are not too strenuous activity. But do not eat carbs at all, it is not the recommended way. eat which contains elements of glucose, fructose or galactose. So that on this diet you do not limp, weak, tired / exhausted.

Any food that contains elements of glucose, fructose, and galactose? some of which are bananas, dates, milk, sweet fruit, honey etc.

# 6 – Packaged foods labeled ‘low fat’ definitely healthier

Not always so. Food labeled ‘low fat’ sometimes it contains other ingredients in high concentration, such as sugar. To be sure, check the nutrition labels on food packaging.


# 7 – Stop eating snacks is one way to diet

Not always. Snacks in between main meals are still needed to meet energy needs. That one is not in the habit of eating snacks, but the type of snack. Instead of eating a snack of chips or chocolate, choose fruit.


# 8 – Genetic factors influence

Have offspring that fat makes it difficult to lose weight permanently.

Genetic factors did affect the rate of metabolism of a person, but a relatively small percentage. You can even fight your genetic destiny by running regular physical activity and eat a healthy diet in order to remain effective weight loss. So, do not blame the gene!


# 9 – The cold water makes you fat

The cold water can make the body fat. Myth Or Fact ??

Before blaming the cold water makes you fat. Get to know the facts first, either hot or cold water does not contain a caloric value. That is good to drink cold or water hot will not make fat. In fact, it drank water before meals will help fill the stomach full faster, so it can prevent overeating. Drinking water can also eliminate false hunger for thirst. So, do not worry to drink cold water!


# 10 – Too much sitting causes distended abdomen

Is it true, too much sitting cause bloated stomach ??

Based on the results of a study, people who sit too long tend to have a larger waist circumference. Too long sitting while working or watching TV is closely related to sedentary lifestyle or lack of motion. for the daily activities at work was spent sitting at the computer, do not forget to keep doing physical activity, such as exercise


That review of the TOP 10 myths and fatal mistake in doing dieters to lose weight. But you know what? there is still erroneous myth about dieting to lose weight are still many people who do not know.

Mysterious indeed, but there is much more mysterious than the myth, that is the story of a woman who is suffering from a chronic disease which may impose lose weight in just one month. If not then he will die, because at that time she suffered several deadly diseases, then what will happen? Does she manage to lose weight in just one month?

almost forgot, I had promised want to provide more detailed information about a faster pace in weight loss, more effective and provides permanent results in reducing weight naturally,

The answer lies in a video, there you will get the answers to all of the other mysteries about diet and weight loss. Yep, just about 5 minutes and it will be changing the way your life be more healthy, beautiful, and fun. Care about your life, now and Later

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