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Cycling Sports are effective, easy and fun way to burn calories (+-950 Per hour)

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The 3 Week Diet

The body every day consume food. Produces food calories. Excessive calories and not used by the body will be in piles and become energy reserves and then into fat. Excessive fat in the body will make the body into fat. Body fat will be more difficult to move. The body is too fat can also be prone to developing the disease. So often the ideal weight to become a benchmark of human health.

Maintaining an ideal weight is not easy. Keep your weight more often to do with maintaining health. Therefore, human beings must do activities are balanced so that the calories in the body more fit and body be always healthy so as to avoid various diseases which are always lurking.

We need to do exercise to burn calorie overload on the body. And cycling is one of the sports in the trust is able to effectively burn calories every hour of his many super. About 850 to 1000 calorie burn by capable in the body when we do the sport of cycling.

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How Cycling Is Able To Burn Calories That Much??

About 850 to 1000 calories can burn in the body when cycling it can happen because of this sport can burn piles through the oxidation process so the calories burned and transformed into energy. Calorie-burning process is very in the specify by how heavy the burden paddle out and how far the distance we traveled from successful exercise bike. We can specify a target location so that we can be more excitement in this calorie burning program. E.g. location we are headed is the location of tourism. Location of residence or brother or friend. The sport of cycling it’d be fun to do in the morning, because the air is still very fresh, the Sun contains ultra violet which is very good for the health of the body, and road conditions are still not too dense.

Then how do I Do the sport of cycling is good and Right??

1. Pray before doing the activity of cycling, So in doing this sport, we give safety and good benefits for health
2. Drink water 2 cups before cycling in order for our bodies to avoid dehydration. We can also bring water provision to stand guard in order to drink when thirsty struck in the middle of the journey.
3. Do warm up first before cycling. This needs to be done so that we avoid various problems such as tingling and cramps when cycling.
4. make sure our body in a State of healthy and fit
5. Be sure and check the State of the bicycle. Check the wind bike tires, brakes and so on to avoid problems that may arise when cycling.
6. specify the distance to do cycling, minimum is 20 kilo metres to get fitness, but more on recommend to drove 40 KM in a single trip.
7. For those of you who his age has been more than 40 years, the ideal speed that can be reached that is 22-27 km/h.
8. bicycle saddle Position should be higher than the steering wheel, so that the muscles do not get too uptight during cycling.
9. the sole of the foot touches the pedal while pedaling a bicycle should stretched straight in order for his position.
10. To get maximum power, use the toe as the object.
11. Head must be kept facing forward bent position though. To be more wary of seeing the condition of the road.
12. use safety tools when doing sports such as cycling helmet, elbow protector and so on.
13. Cycling should not be done excessively in order not to weary overload occurs. When we are just starting the sport of cycling. measure how capable we drove is ideal.

The Cycling Schedule:

1. Try the exercise bike is done gradually, regular and intensive tailored to the conditions our body’s durability.
2. Exercise routine of cycling as a sport is the ideal fitness is more than 3 times a week in order to get the maximum benefits.

The Activity Or Sport Of Cycling Advocates: 

1. Drinking water is full of minerals be it when you’re cycling or thereafter.
2. Drinking isotonic drink while cycling in order to supplying the body fluids lost by more quickly.
3. Consume carbohydrates to maintain the energy to remain stable.
4. cardio endurance Exercises such as circuit training, long slow distance training and interval training.
5. exercise the power of sprint like squats and stair running regularly.
6. Adequate rest such as stretching, massage, and sleep according to needs of the ideal

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Cycling will be noticeably improved if done regularly for a month. Indeed to familiarize Sport 3 x a week is still difficult in the beginning. But once tasted the benefits and used to doing this sport, then we will be more happy and feels more excitement do the sport of cycling 3 times daily each week.
The 3 Week Diet


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