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Cancer: Some Symptoms, Treatments, and Marriage

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Cancer: Some Symptoms, Treatments, and Marriage

cancer marrieage

Cancer is a dreaded disease and becomes one of the leading causes Dead. The term cancer itself is used to refer to a disease in which cells, abnormal and divide without control is able to invade other tissues. The cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems (dharmais, Cancer can happen to any person, in any part of the body, and in all age groups, though more often among those aged forty years.

The number of cancer patients in the world is quite a lot. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the number of cancer patients is very high. In fact, the WHO (in deherba,com) states that in 2030 there will be a surge in cancer patients in Indonesia until sevenfold. The number of cancer patients who died was also a growing concern.

Given the dangers of cancer, it is important for us to recognize the characteristics cancer. As reported by the www.yayasankankerindonesia,org, there are seven symptoms to consider and examined further to the doctor to confirm the presence or absence of cancer,

1. When the small bowel or no change in habits or disturbances,

2. Tool disturbed digestion and difficulty swallowing,

3. Hoarseness or a cough that will not heal,

4. There is a lump (tumor) in the breast or elsewhere,

5. Mole changes its nature, is getting bigger and itching,

6. Blood or abnormal mucus out of the body, as well as

7. The presence of ulceration or sores that will not heal.

Meanwhile, factors that may increase the risk of cancer, including Other chemicals, excessive radiation, viruses, certain hormones, as well as food (eg, which had been stored and moldy so contaminated by aflatoxin can increase the risk of liver cancer).

Cancer necessarily dangerous and needs to be addressed medically seriously. Some treatment that can be done, for example by surgery (surgery), radiation (radiotherapy), the use of drug killer of cancer cells (chemotherapy), increased endurance (Immunotherapy), organ transplants, and stem cells. However, not only medically,

Social support of a loved one (in this case of a married couple) also can increase the life expectancy of cancer patients. Reporting from nytimes,com, several studies have been conducted and found that getting married can improve the survival of cancer patients.

With the data from the California Cancer Registry, researchers examined 783 167 cancer patients and 386 607 of them died. It added that compared with cancer patients who are already married, the risk of death of a man with cancer who have not married, 27% higher, and in women with cancer who have not been married 19% higher. Although it has been considered also economic factors, patients with cancer of men, yet married still have the risk of death 22% higher than those who are married.

While patients with cancer of unmarried women have an increased risk of death 15% higher. It is proved that the role and influence of social support for expectancy life of cancer patients.

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