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Breast Care At The 3rd Trimester Of Pregnant Women

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Breast care at the 3rd Trimester of pregnant women

breast care

Breast care in pregnant women to prepare BREAST MILK for the fruit of the heart, pregnant women need to do breast care since pregnant so that later after childbirth BREAST MILK can get out smoothly. BREAST MILK is the complete source of nutrients for the baby beat man-made with dairy products prices are expensive, though. Therefore, do breast care since I was pregnant, especially when entering the third trimester gestational age.

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Breast care since pregnant has many benefits, while the breast is only done after delivery could lead to bad consequences. The benefits derived from the breast care since pregnant not only be felt by the infant but also for pregnant women. Some of these benefits are as follows

Benefits of Breast Care in pregnant women

There are a number of benefits that can be obtained from breast care while pregnant, among others, are:

  • Toughen the nipple so that later the baby is easy to suck
  • Breast kept it clean, especially the nipples which became the main line discharge of BREAST MILK
  • The production of BREAST MILK in abundance because of the stimulation of BREAST glands in the breasts
  • If there are abnormalities in the breast can be detected early so that faster treatments
  • Strengthen the mental mother breastfeeding her child in the preparation

Due to the absence of Breast Care in pregnant women

Breast care is only done after childbirth is actually not a problem, but sometimes appears some things that interfere with comfort and harm pregnant women. Some of these consequences include:

* Breast milk does not want to come out even though the baby’s been born, so it must wait for the second or third day, and early (breastfeeding early) it is * extremely needed by the baby.
* The nipple does not want to stand out so troublesome in babies suck BREAST MILK
* Breast milk just slightly so that the baby’s nutritional needs are not met
* Experienced breast infection so swell

How Breast Care in pregnant women

Breast care needs to be done since women undergo early pregnancy until the end of pregnancy. For more details please look how breast care

Breast Care First Trimester Of Pregnant Women

At the age of first-trimester pregnancy, breast care needs to be done is check the nipple, normal or not. The nipple is said to be normal if prominent, whereas flat nipples and not obtrusive means abnormal. To get a normal nipple, breast care needs to be done since the beginning of the pregnancy. The trick is to do the sorting area around the nipple with his thumb and index finger of the opposite direction heading into the base of the breast. To get the most out of these treatments do regularly twice a day for approximately 5 minutes.

Breast Care pregnant women Trimester 2 and 3

At the age of the second-trimester pregnancy, breast care needs to be done is to clean the nipple and took care of him in order to generate a lot of breast milk. As for the trick is as follows:

  • First, both Palms moistened with baby oil
  • next sweep both palms to the nipple areas continue for 2 minutes. This is done with the goal of keeping the dirt stuck to the nipples become soft so that it is easy to clean.
  • After cleaning is finished, do the nipple massage breasts gently. The trick is to hold the nipple then pulled gently and slowly turn the dial to the movement direction and counter-clockwise.
  • In addition to the above treatments, do also sequencing the breast. The trick is to hold the base of the breasts and then sorted out towards the nipple at least 25 times a day
  • When gestational age have come in 9 months, try a massage gently till mama issued 1 drops or 2 drops of BREAST MILK
  • Clean the breast using a soft towel and dry clean
  • Wear loose Bra, bra tight because of the effect on the production of BREAST MILK

That’s Breast Care on pregnant women and 1.2 3 Trimester we could review. Hopefully useful …

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