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Biotech companies: there are two Candidate vaccines for Zika

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Biotech companies: there are two Candidate vaccines for Zika

A pharmaceutical company India has claimed two candidate vaccines to develop virus zika, considered emergency problems

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Biotech companies: there are two Candidate vaccines for ZikaIlustrasi (Thinkstockphoto)

Among the headlines that contain panic and alarming statistics, there’s finally some positive news about the explosion epidemic Zika. A pharmaceutical company India has claimed that they have made progress by developing a vaccine candidate for two virus zika, now considered the issue a global public health emergency.

Reported by Reuters, Bharat Biotech said the vaccine had worked about a year, a little more length of outbreaks that have been plaguing Latin America and the Caribbean. While this emerging pathogens, it recently gained attention around the world, though it has been around since the 1940s. When it is not yet a vaccine has yet to enter a list of high priority, due to the fact that the infection is still at the stage of mild or without symptoms in most people.

Unlike the current reactive effort, Bharat said began working on an immunization shot during an attempt to create vaccines for other diseases, namely two dengue fever and chikungunya. In addition to this, all of the yellow fever is a disease that is transmitted through a virus carried by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, except the family of the chikungunya virus is transmitted the same i.e., Flaviviridae.

Two vaccines that Bharat develop differ significantly in how they are made, although the details are still scarce at the moment. One is a recombinant vaccine, which change the microbes into a mini factory, reverse engineer them to tumble out of the part of the virus that could trigger a protective immune response when given, or stitching gene virus that becomes the carrier of the dangerous in the body. The other method involves the use of a live virus researchers turn off with heat or chemicals, causing vaccine not to cause disease, but are capable of triggering an immune response.

This is a good thing, knowing that the company seemed to master this. Although it is important to note that the vaccine still it took years to develop. Bharat says vaccines ready for testing on animals in the past few weeks, but even if they go well it still takes a long process to license vaccine candidates. But if this research get positive results, there is the possibility of vaccine production and licensing process can be expedited as experimental Ebola vaccine. A decision that was made in the face of the devastating outbreak.

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