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Beware Of Coronary Heart Disease In Women

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Heart disease is generally regarded as a disease of men. But in fact, one in four women died from cardiovascular disease. This amount is more than the deaths caused by all types of cancer. It renders a coronary heart disease one of the main causes of death in women.
Coronary heart diseaseon women have a risk of a bigger cause of death than against men. Coronary heart disease on women generally found on older age compared to men. It is caused by:
1. Esterogen hormone decline that occurs during this function protects blood vessels from damage while post-menopause, so the risk of heart disease in women is increased two-fold. A decrease in the hormone estrogen is also adding to the fat levels in the blood causing thickening of blood vessels which can cause Coronary heart disease.
2. Women with complications experienced Coronary heart disease usually more serious, because it is more often found the presence of diseases such as diabetes companion, hypertension and kidney disorders.
3. Blockage of small blood vessels or more mikrovaskular occur in women. The blockage is more difficult to detect with existing standard checks at this time.
4. Women’s lack of knowledge of the dangers of heart disease, generally making them are not aware of the symptoms of the disease, thus causing delay in diagnosing.
Symptoms of heart disease arising in women differ from the symptoms that arise in men. In women, the symptoms of which include heartburn, pain in the back or neck, shortness of breath, rapid heart rhythm disorders and achieve. The symptoms of this is not realized by most women so often cause delays in seeking help in the event of a heart attack.
Some of the main risk factors Coronary heart disease on women include:
1. Women with diabetes mellitus or diabetes have a 2-fold risk for suffering Coronary heart diseaseon , and had more severe complications than men
2. Women who smoke have risk Coronary heart disease 6-9 times, while in men is 4-6 times
3. Women who are obese or overweight
4. Family history
5. The decline and the stopping of production of hormones of estrogen hormone therapy, but English on menopausal women also pose a risk of Coronary heart disease
The first step is to do early detection such as measuring blood pressure, find out blood sugar levels and cholesterol, and started doing a healthy life. Healthy living can be started by doing a sport regularly i.e. at least 30 minutes four times a week like a brisk walk or jog, stop smoking and keep blood pressure below 120/80 mmHg, the levels of total cholesterol less than 175 mg/dL, LDL less than 100 mg/dL fasting blood sugar levels and less than 100 mg/dL.
Immediately consult Your heart health when experiencing symptoms Coronary heart disease as well as undertake further examination. Self awareness to do screening and early treatment can reduce the mortality rate of women on the Coronary heart disease.
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