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Anti Aging Natural FoodsThis is the fact, typically most of women wish could stop the clock on the aging process in their skin, As they get older, the metabolism in their body begins to function a little less smoothly and become degenerative diseases and susceptible to harm disease . However, there are healthy foods that can helps us counteract the negative effects aging in our body. Absolutely, They won’t makes you younger, but they can improve your overall health and protect you against danger disease, which could prolong your life more healthful.  Here are some anti-aging natural foods that you can try at home

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Recent studies on Harvard University has been shown that cranberries, clueberries, and blackberries is one foods that rich in antioxidant compounds known as anthocyanins, this compounds have been shown to slow the growth of certain cancers in your body as well as improve brain function and your muscle.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil has been known rich in anti-inflammatory monounsaturated fat and antioxidants compounds. It can lower rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and age-related cognitive decline in people who eating these foods.

Vegetable Green
Vegetable green contain calcium, folate, zinc, iron  and other nutrients that help prevent age-related eye problems, support bone health and protect against cognitive decline. Diets high in green veggies, such as cabbage and broccoli, help reduce risk of cancer and memory loss.

Whole Grains
Whole Grains Rich in fiber, vitamins, zinc, antioxidant, minerals, and iron, whole grains can lower the risk of age-related illnesses such as cancer, eye problems and cardiovascular disease. They also helps prevent high diabetes and blood sugar.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, zinc and an antioxidant compounds that may reduce the risk of some types of cancer, prostate, lung, stomach cancers and heart disease. And also helps to maintain youthful skin texture.

Green Tea
Green tea contains the most zinc, iron, and antioxidants. Recent studies on Harvard University have linked tea consumption to lower rates of conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Herbs and Spices
Herbs and Spices such as ginger and turmeric contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidan compounds that might reduce the risk of age-related conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The antioxidant compounds in onion and garlic can protect against cancer and heart disease, on other hand,  Herbs and Spices such as cinnamon may help lower blood sugar.

Nuts Varieties such as walnuts and almonds  contain anti-inflammatory that might  helping of healthy fats, vitamins, iron, zinc and protein that benefit brain and cardiovascular health. walnuts and almonds are also high in anti-inflammatory compounds that ease inflammation.

Red Grapes
Grapes contain an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory called resveratrol. Resveratrol that contains in red grape has anticoagulant and zinc properties, that might  help promote heart health.

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