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Being Human Health: Implementing the Right Sleep Patterns and As Needed

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Being Human Health: Implementing the Right Sleep Patterns and As Needed

For most people who are more concerned with productivity, sleep is often not given priority. In fact, both children and adults have time to sleep a minimum that must be met according to the demands of the body naturally. As reported by Kompas the study authors Erica Prather of the Center for Public Health at the University of California says that very little sleep because of the rush will have no effect in the short term; but the effect in the long term.

Bedtime that few can have a direct impact on the health of the cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune function which may increase the risk of disease over time. Expressed also by Prather (in that they were able to sleep a minute or less than five hours per night tend not to have much time to exercise and more likely to choose foods with nutrients that are not ideal-so from time to time, may affect health. This is because along with the exhaustion of the body, the brain’s ability to choose foods wisely decreased.

Related to the problem of choosing the food, a British study recently found that when the body is tired from lack of sleep, the brain gives incentive to choose junk food. In addition, a study in May 2011 also mentions that lack of sleep makes us tend to eat snacks and encourage more carbohydrates than protein. A study in August 2013, University of California, Berkeley, also said the same thing.

People who have a short sleep time also tend to consume more caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed meats and saturated fats that overall it could cause problems on health, particularly weight gain. By contrast, a study found that people who sleep more quickly tend to eat less saturated fat so as to minimize the risk of weight gain.

“If you go to bed an hour early, and do it consistently for a year, according to the theory, this could make you lose weight about 3 kilograms without the need for changes in activity,” said Dr. Kristin Aschbacher, a scientist of data in Jawbone, to HuffPost as quoted by Kompas

Not only sleep, deep sleep is also necessary and important for health. Deep sleep or deep will make us wake up fresh the next day so we could do a variety of activities to relax and stay in shape. In addition, a deep sleep proved to be beneficial also to maintain the beauty of women as acne and facial looks dull throughout the day may be the result of not restful night’s sleep.

Therefore, in addition to pay attention to sleep, it is also important to pay attention to the sleeping position not sleep soundly because it can be caused by wrong sleeping position. Eg sleeping with the prone position that actually can give adverse effects to the body. As written in Kompas(dot)com, the prone position gives extra pressure on the neck and spine; This position may also press the abdominal muscles and thus potentially making body aches, tension, stiffness, dizziness, nausea and stomach. Good sleeping position is supine. In addition to not result in things as they are caused by the prone sleep position, sleeping on your back can also reduce wrinkles on the face because the skin is not under tension.

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