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Avoid Cooking The Eggs Are Half Done, Why?

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Avoid Cooking The Eggs Are Half Done, Why?

You like eating half-cooked egg? Caution the tablets. Doctors actually do not recommend it. They thus advocated the consumption of eggs that already boiled and cooked perfectly. What is the reason?

Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Board of nutrition Physician Medical Society of Indonesia (PDGMI), and Yustina Anie Indriastuti describes the recommended cooked eggs simmered in a way, because it will be perfectly ripe. Eggs are not recommended to be cooked and consumed half done.

The reason, Yustina Anie says because if boiled to boiling, the germs of bacteria that is present in eggs will die, especially salmonella bacteria. Well this is why you should eat eggs are cooked.

In addition, there are also eggs in substance anti vitamin A in a white rope which is inside the egg. This strap if boiled it will be missing the nature of anti vitamin with him.

Not just eggs you should look correct how to cook it. Other food is seafood.

Yustina Anie reminded to be cautious on the seafood because the mercury contaminated vulnerable or Hg. So should be treated properly. “Indeed there has never been a food if one of processing directly toxic, and instantly make the victims died,” he said Saturday (23/1).
While it does not directly result in the death of, the person who is too often eat food contaminated by bacteria or mercury, gradually over a long time can cause a variety of diseases. For example hipoglikimia i.e. describing individuals who are experiencing or are at risk for experiencing blood sugar levels too low for blood glucose metabolism, which is less than 50 mg per 100 ml of blood. Or it could be causing his cholesterol so high..

“So should be carefully in the process, choose and customise your own food with our conditions,” he added.

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