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An Easy Way To Let A Child Always Likes To Eat Healthy With Vegetables-

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Certainly every parent wants to see their children grow and develop. One path that can be taken by any parent in the world is by providing foods that contain enough nutrients and vitamins for our favourite son.
The content of dietary intake to meet nutritional adequacy and many vitamins are met when many children eat vegetables. Because a lot of fast food that in jajakan in malls, which for children may be more interesting to eaten. Especially with the lifestyle of the elderly are now citing busyness closer to such food patterns that are more practical.
As a result, older children are happy with fast food meals consisting of a piece of chicken and rice. His meal was only accompanied by a sauce and chili sauce without anything extra anymore it is still in perparah with a drink containing soda that is typically one packet with rice and chicken.
But at a time of growing children should get the nutritional and vitamin intake is sufficient, because at this time the body of children experiencing developmental need nutritious food sufficiency let alone children who are active also in desperate need of high nutritious food to support activities they do.
The problem for most parents to force a child to eat nutritious food which consists of vegetable that is hard to do. As a result of eating patterns already formed the children into hard-packed vegetable, here’s the thing when it’s usually the parents confused to persuade children to want to consume vegetable.
Easy way so that children like to eat vegetables so always healthy
Well, actually there is an easy way so that children like to eat vegetables without having to be persuaded, inter alia as follows:
1. Vegetable served with interesting.
Use a bowl place big enough with vegetable motifs or images that appeal to cause appetite. For example, if cooking soups carrot you can shape resembles a sunflower, or add the macaroni with an interesting shape.
2. Vegetable served in other forms.
Vegetables can be served in the form of ice mixed with juices such as carrot tomato or cucumber. For better taste add sugar or honey is also good for the kesehatanya. Do not forget to keep the appearance remains attractive with colorful straws of decorating glass with tiny umbrella on it or other creations.

3. To further the child’s interest
Arrange the vegetables above the plate in such a way so that it is attractive to look at and eaten. Like using cucumber carrots and celery to make the faces above the plate. Berkreasilah everything possible with other vegetable so that appetite si anaak could appear, invite the children also join the coding in accordance with his imagination in shaping the unsightly food.
4. Take your children in the process of cooking
for example they can help wash the vegetables will be cooked or if the child is already big let them cut the vegetables, with the supervision of the parents, of course. Let them occasionally stirring the vegetables being made. From here the expected child will try the food has its own its cuisine

5. Let children eat vegetables, lusting
It’s good to give a solution made from honey to taste and inventiveness of buffoonery, actually benefits this solution to increase appetite, with a great appetite expected child will eat whatever is served including vegetables.
One step that is worth a try even though the result was not too a maximum but worth a try by hiding the vegetable in their diet, for example by adding the vegetable in the sandwiches, but also at risk when the son learns that his mother has been a vegetable insertion in her favorite food. then the child would be upset and it gets worse the more the child will not eat the food again.
Indeed should we as parents should be honest towards children, including in terms of food. By providing the best explanation of the benefits of foods especially vegetables for their growth. With a good understanding of then children will be happy and excited in eating the nutrients needed.
You can give other innovations to persuade children to always liked vegetables. You can consult with other parents, or you can also find out how to easily persuade the child to always want to consume healthy foods from a variety of children’s health events or consult a pediatrician. The information about easy way so that children like to eat vegetables so always healthy, hopefully useful and thank you


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