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A Healthy Diet Is Extreme Gisele Bundchen, Not Eating Sugar To Flour

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A Healthy Diet Is Extreme Gisele Bundchen, Not Eating Sugar To Flour

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, the husband kept his food intake. Perhaps it was also the former supermodel and couples making athletes football looks always fit and body ideal.

Their personal chef, Allen Campbell broke the usual meal he prepared for Gisele and Tom. To the website of Boston in an interview, Monday (4/1/2016), a couple who have three children this is not consuming white sugar, white flour, MSG, coffee, mushrooms and products containing milk. They also avoid vegetables that grow in the evening or in the shade because it did not have anti inflammatory properties.

“Don’t eat tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms or eggplant. Little tomato, but maybe only once a month. I am very careful with tomatoes. Causes inflammation, “said Allen was quoted as saying from US Magazine.

Chef who focus on plant-based cuisine also explains that 80 percent of the food eaten Gisele and her family are vegetables. Allen always choose the freshest vegetables and should be organic. If not organic, Miami, United States origin man refused to use it.

“Wheat and whole grains: quinoa, red rice, millet and legumes. While 20 percent of meat without FAT: organic steak, chicken and duck meat. For the fish, I mostly Cook wild salmon, “he explained.

Allen acknowledged that diet lived Gisele and Tom are very different from the American most people’s diets. The habit of eating a lot of sugar and simple carbohydrates will bring negative influence to the body due to its acidic. That is, the content of the high acid for the body.

“Sugar is death to humans,” he said.

In addition to food, Allen also is concerned the use of kitchen spices. For the salad man who previously worked at the Gansevoort Hotel only use olive oil. But while cooking it prefer coconut oil. While salt Allen just wearing the Himalayan salt, iodized salt instead.

Makes dishes for celebrities who are concerned with health and very selectively choose the food of course is a challenge for a private chef. But for Allen, thus becoming its own award to his profession as a cook.

“If I’m cooking for other people who do not respect and appreciate my food tastes as they are, will not feel grateful as this. I think that’s what makes happy. I can work on that really I’d like and they also get their benefit, “said Allen

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The 3 Week Diet


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