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7 How To Cope With Irregular Menstruation Is Traditionally

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7 How To Cope With Irregular Menstruation Is Traditionally

Menstruation is the physiological changes in women affected by reproductive and hormone takes place periodically. Menstrual cycle averages about 28 days, beginning at the age of adolescence until menopause. Not all women experience menstruation smoothly. Many women complain when subjected to cycle length, or vice versa. Aches and pain often accompanies menstruation irregular.

7 How to cope with irregular menstruation

Causes of menstrual periods is not smooth and irregular

-Disorders of hormone function

The coming months in women affected by hormones is controlled by the hipofisa gland which is located in the brain. Hormonal system works to regulate the production of gametes. The failure of this system will affect the menstrual cycle.

-Depression or stress

It is still closely related to the body’s metabolism system. Severe stress can lead to fatigue, durability decreases so that interfere with metabolism. This is due to the increase of the hormone cortisol due to heavy stress, so reproductive hormones.

-System of body metabolism is impaired

Women with excessive weight gain often experienced metabolic system disorders, as well as too thin. To resolve it, women need to maintain a healthy diet and eating patterns.

-Disorders of the thyroid gland

Excessive production of thyroid gland or too little will interfere with the body’s hormonal system, so that can cause menstrual smoothly.

How to cope with irregular menstruation Using Traditional natural ingredients

To cope with menstruation is not smooth, it is usually given the addition of certain types of hormones so that the hormones the body into balance. Here we discuss the natural way, without using drugs.

1. Aloe Vera juice

A great many compounds contained in Aloe Vera. Almost all types of vitamins contained in it, anti inflammatory enzymes and 20 types of amino acids. In addition to improving the health of hair and treat diabetes, Aloe Vera have a role in treating menstruation is not smooth.

2. Papaya juice

Drinking papaya juice during the week before menstruation, can induce menstruation. For the relief of menstrual pain, provide a piece of papaya leaves, fruit acids and salts. After all ingredients are washed, boiled together with water until boiling. Drinking water while warm.

3. Often eat Grapes

The wine is rich in various types of important vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. In addition beneficial for skin beauty, wine also had the ability to induce menstruation.

4. Pumpkin Juice

Although a little bittersweet, pumpkins are beneficial to cope with late onset.

5. Sesame Seeds

To cope with irregular menstrual cycles can use sesame seeds. Soak the seeds in water warm during the night away. When you wake up in the morning, drink some water, while an empty stomach. Doing it this way during the week before onset.

6. Apple vinegar

You can add apple vinegar on salads, as a fruit to eat. A simpler way is to brew it into warm water, then drink. Consumption of Apple vinegar can help streamline the menstrual cycle. Apple vinegar is also good for the digestive system, as well as maintain blood sugar levels.

Herbal concoctions to cope with irregular menstruation

7. Lemon

Mix 2 tablespoons of lime juice and 3 tablespoons of honey. Then simmer together 1 ½ cup of water while stirring until evenly distributed. Drink as much as 3 times a day, each as much as 1/3 parts.

In addition to using natural ingredients are mentioned, you need to do sports regularly. Swimming and jogging can accelerate blood circulation, as well as lowering insulin levels in the blood so as to prevent late menstruation.

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