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7 Dangerous Beauty Treatment You Should Avoid

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7 Dangerous Beauty Treatment You Should Avoid

dangerous beauty treatment

Every woman would want a beauty. Many ways to live so that they always look beautiful and charming. But you know what? that, in fact, there are some beauty treatments that can actually harm your own health and beauty.

From now on, be careful in choosing your beauty care. Choose one that is proven safe and without side effects.

And below is an overview of some of the dangerous beauty treatments that you should avoid.

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1. Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout is the latest technique to straighten hair. If you have curly hair is unruly, the idea to get a neat straight hair may seem tempting. But be careful! Blowout several times a month may not be a hazard. But in Brazilian blowout, the chemicals used have been reported to cause skin irritation, sunburn, and even shortness of breath.
2. manicure Gel

Manicure gel intended for making manicure look so much better and long lasting. However, not all of the gel used was the same. Some salons use the cheap gel containing highly hazardous chemicals.


3. ear Candle

If someone suggested to put a roll of paper in your ear, and then edges burned, you should be suspicious. The process alone is sounded “sinister”. The technique is said to eliminate impurities and toxins from the ear. However, in fact, can also cause ear congestion, burned and damaged eardrums.


4. Eyebrow waxing

Apart from the fact that the waxing of his could possibly go wrong causing bald brow, the technique can damage the hair follicles in the eyebrows. Plus, not infrequently there are cases of people being burned by hot wax. And often also the skin under the eyebrows plucked come when the fur removed. Oh!


5. Originally manicure

Do not be tempted cheap manicure. Make manicure with a manicurist experienced and are experts. If that does not pay attention to hygiene manicure when performing the process, you could end up with fungal infections, bacterial infections, and even permanent damage to the nail.
6. Clothes Body Shaper

The corset is one of them. If you want to get a small waist, you have to reduce your calorie intake and go exercise! Clothes body Shaper, no matter what is advertised, it could damage the ribs and make you breathless. It’s also definitely not comfortable.
7. Bikini Waxing

If you really want to do bikini waxing, make sure you look for technicians who are experienced and professional. Burn from hot wax on sensitive areas, of course, it feels very sick. Plus, fur retraction techniques can damage the skin and cause an infection. Already there are some women in the USA who was rushed to hospital with wounds after a Brazilian waxing.

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