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5 How To Thicken Your Hair Naturally and Fast

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5 How To Thicken Your Hair Naturally and Fast

Thick and beautiful hair is always yearning to all women. The women willing to do anything for the sake of getting the thicker hair. How to thicken your hair naturally is highly recommended because it is more natural and helps nourish the hair. In addition to using natural materials how to thicken your hair instant also exist, namely by using connectivity, hair.

Connect this hair can not only lengthen the hair but can make the hair look thicker. But unfortunately, this way can only last a few moments alone. If the connection is disconnected return hair thickness. By using natural materials thickness of hair will last longer and permanent.

How To Thicken Your Hair Naturally And Fast
To thicken your hair naturally you also do not need to the salon, just do home care only. Here are some natural ingredients can help thicken your hair naturally.

How to-thicken hair-in-a-natural

1. Pecan

The content in the Pecan are very good for the health of hair, one of which could nourish hair. To thicken your hair by using a nutmeg is quite easy. Boil the nuts with water to taste to pull out the oil. This Pecan oil is used to thicken your hair. Pecan oil usually will appear above the surface of the water is already boiling. Use these oils in the hair root and apply evenly to the ends of the hair. Do this activity each day so that the hair becomes thicker.

2. Olive oil

In addition to using Pecan, you can also use olive oil to thicken your hair. Use olive oil as a hair oil each day. In a period not long hair will be thicker and do not easily fall out. This oil can be bought at a drugstore or beauty shop. Content in olive oil can also help discolor hair.

3. Egg whites

How to thicken your hair naturally and quickly can also use egg whites. In the egg white protein is not only good for your body and skin alone but is also good for the hair. Egg whites are already separated with beaten egg yolk off then massage evenly on the hair. Let stand more or less for 30 minutes then rinse until clean. In order for the fishy smell is gone, you can use the shampoo and conditioner.

4. Aloe Vera

Mucilage of Aloe Vera can also serve as natural ingredients to thicken your hair. The content of vitamin E in the Aloe Vera can help nourish hair and makes hair become thick. Use Aloe Vera gel on the hair roots evenly until the ends of the hair. Then let sit for 30 minutes and then rinse with shampoo. Use this gel every before shampooing.

5. Green tea

The content of antioxidants in green tea is also good to thicken your hair. In addition, antioxidants in green tea also contains vitamins are good for hair. To use the green tea you have to silence the water green tea for one night then make water green tea that’s been stale for rinsing hair. Not just to rinse, you should also massage at the root of the hair. Afterwards rinse with clean water.

By using one of the above natural ingredients you can thicken your hair naturally and quickly. The above natural ways is indeed highly recommended but of course using natural ingredients takes time which is not for a bit. In addition to using natural ingredients, you should also take care of hair in order not easily fall out.

The beginning of the hair to become thin is caused by the loss. So not easy hair loss should not often pigtail or tying the hair too long and toned. How to thicken your hair naturally this could also be one of the alternatives for reducing the loss on the hair and nourish hair.

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