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20 Trends Latest Ombre Hair Style Model 2016

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20 Trends Latest Ombre Hair Style Model 2016

On the issue of hair is of course always a trending topic because hair is a Crown for its owners and of course there are many kinds of hairstyles that you can choose. One of the popular hair style haircut Style i.e. ombre hair style which is now being trendy and very popular.

A modified hair styles with cream hair color that will make you look beautiful and stylish. This hairstyle is very well liked and became the choice of many women, especially teenagers always want to appear stylish. Even many artists to choose a hairstyle for this ombre.

You want to have hair styles a la Jennifer Lopez or Sarah Jessica Parker? certainly a very interesting and beautiful, that will make your confidence is getting higher.

Let’s try this hair style, but in hair coloring is certainly not indiscriminate because if you incorrectly specify the color will look bad. So you are not wrong in following staining color options that you can try:

1. Blend the colors red and pink
2. Blend the colors Blue and green
3. Blend the colors Blue and purple
4. black and blue hues
5. Blend the color red and blonde
6. Blend of pink, purple and Brown
7. light brown hues or old and blonde

So, the typical colors used in this style of haircut ombre is a combination of a dark color and brighter colors to give a wonderful impression goal when seen. Next in the process of bleaching your hair should be completely clean and dry circumstances. It aims to ease into the process of bleaching.

After the process of bleaching is completed Please rinse your hair back to dry. Then in the tinting process please use the cream color in accordance with the usage instructions on the product cream. In mixing the colors, do it by slowly and precisely. To minimize failures in hair coloring done quietly.

20 pictures Latest haircut Styles Ombre

Source : http://jelifestyles,com/

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