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15 Tips to lose weight healthy and Fun without the Diet without hard sports

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Lose weight without diet and exercise. can it be? Yes, it certainly can. To lose weight most people prefer dieting or exercise, as in value more quickly and efficiently. But the bustle of the hectic daily schedules and sometimes makes some people can’t do sports and a special diet to lose weight. On the other hand they desperately want to lose weight without diet and exercise but the right way, healthy and enjoyable.

The good news, follow a healthy lifestyle turns out could make the ideal body weight. by following a healthy lifestyle, your weight will go down and the ideal weight you will get permanent as long as you are still running a healthy lifestyle. fun isn’t it?

Useless hard you exercise and diet reduces eating to lose weight, but after your weight loss target is completed you will go back to being fat because the finish is also a weight loss exercise program.

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Lose weight by following the pattern of simple living is the best strategy to get an ideal body weight and permanent. You no longer need to feel tormented by hunger, and you also do not throw too much time to do exercise every day.

Here are tips to lose weight the healthy way and fun without diet and exercise. :

1. Get proper Sleep

Sleep is a natural way to release the mind after hard work and fatigue. To get the ideal weight loss sleep deeply in the need to set up a system in the human body. Heal every cell in the body and damage the digestive system also worked hard to cultivate food, metabolizes carbohydrates and break down fat, so fat you will diminish over time as sleeping enough.

Lack of sleep can trigger the production of cortisol, which will point to increased levels of insulin for making weight loss becomes more difficult. Thus, good nights sleep and enough can help a lot to reduce weight.

2. Chew your food properly:

Recent studies prove that if you longer in chewing food, then you’ll tend to consume more calories low. In addition, the chewing in time will prevent excess meal, because it gives time for the brain to receive signals from the stomach full. It will also facilitate better digestion, and limit Your portion size. Therefore, it is recommended to chew the food of about 35 to 50 times to chew food per bite.

3. Pay Attention To Your Food:

Often we do bad habits while eating, IE talking or watching television while eating. such a thing should soon left, because when you eat by doing other activities you’ll tend to eat more and not paying attention to the food you eat.

4. Avoid overcooked meals

Consume foods that are too ripe will cause a decrease in the levels of nutrients. If your body is deficient in nutrients, your stomach will signal not satiated, and may want to eat junk food. So you will not feel excessive eating. To prevent this, you can increase the consumption of raw foods like salads and sushi. It is recommended to eat foods that are steamed, grilled, or roasted vegetables and grilled meat and fish.

5. Eat more fruits and seeds:

Fruits and vegetables have many low calorie nutrient content at once. This kind of food should be consumed more of other foods that are high in fat and calories. Vegetables should be consumed more than the meat, because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. All types of grains like whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, popcorn has to replace refined grains such as white bread, cake, cookies and pretzels. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are foods that generally provide a very high fiber, it takes the body, and will make you feel full longer.

6. Don’t miss the breakfast

Skipping breakfast is extremely harmful to health. Breakfast is the most important meal, and should not be ignored. Fill out the nutrients your body several times a day is very important. When you skip breakfast, you will feel very hungry during the day and at lunch you end up overeating and choosing foods that are not healthy. 
7. Eat Often, but a little bit:
Often packed with a little portion will speed up your metabolism, and energy are at higher levels continuously throughout the day. Therefore, it is ideal to eat more often per day with 2-4 hour break between meals and snacks. Control portions is important to prevent excess eating. This can be achieved by using the small bowl, plate and glass. Reduce portions of 10% to 20% could be conducive to weight loss. Make it a habit to eat when you are hungry, and stop before you feel full.
8. Eat the fruit before the meat:
Make it a habit to eat fruit at least 30 minutes before you eat a meal that is heavy, because fruits can digest quickly. Eat fruits while empty stomach is beneficial to detoxify the body systems and makes you eat less.
9. Finished dinner at 8:00 pm:
We recommend that you avoid late night eating habits, since it will tend to accumulate extra weight. In fact, you should eat last meals before 7 pm, to avoid turning to snack before dinner time. Herbal tea is a good choice to satisfy Your hunger after dinner time, after that continued with a toothbrush for mind-numbing ideas to eat.

10. Carefully select the Calories in liquid
The sweet drinks should be avoided, because the sweet drinks have a high calorie diet. Immerse your thirst with plain water, skim milk or low fat milk or a small portion of 100% fruit juice or vegetable juice is low in calories. Limit, or if necessary to avoid * alk hol. Drinks containing this will save you a huge amount of calories, so the number of calories you will add up quickly.

11. Drink Enough Water
Drinking enough water is important key from a healthy lifestyle. to get your ideal body weight. Drinking cold water will increase the metabolism in your body, because the body will work harder to warm up liquid so more calories burned. In addition, the water will make you feel full, so you don’t have to eat and eat. Water will also make your body’s systems are secure from dehidras, and helps muscle hormone – releasing your body’s development.

12. Get Protein at every meal
Foods that contain protein with no or low fat must be part of any meal or snack you. This is because proteins give a feeling of fullness in the longer periods of time, thus preventing excess eating. The consumption of low-fat Yogurt, some nuts, peanut butter, egg and meat without fat is highly recommended to successfully undergo the program lowers the body. with a pattern of healthy living.

13. Drinking Green Tea:
Green tea in trust as a slimming body. In addition to water, green tea is also a metabolic boosters. Research has shown that drinking green tea will burn 400 extra calories in a week. He also has antioxidant power. Green tea also the glut quite so able to withstand excessive appetite

14. Try to increase Your steps:
Walking is regarded as a good exercise for losing weight. 1000 steps in a day is recommended for good results from this goal. We can reduce the use of vehicles for the purposes of distance about close to get 1000 program steps per day, certainly to get maximum results in losing weight.

15. Laugh and Weight:
Laughing is regarded as the best cure for burning calories. Laughing will increase the heart rate, blood circulation and the movement of the muscles of the stomach, thus providing a natural cardio workout. Laugh out loud five times a day will give you the same benefits as 10 minutes on the rowing machine. Ten to fifteen minutes of laughter could burn 50 calories.
Thus there is hope for people who are busy and are reluctant to go on a diet or exercise to lose weight. Nor is it about what you eat, but how you eat. You can eat everything in moderation, to maintain ideal body weight. of course in a way that is fun and healthy and easy to do. May be useful and thank you.
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